Pilot: “Slasher”

Some new series don’t even try to have a high bar to reach. The only purpose is for it to entertain those that love low budget and obscure tv shows on even more obscure networks. So long as it entertains you, in that special way you hope it does, you have nothing to lose.

The new Chiller Original Series “Slasher”, doesn’t offer up anything new or particularly exciting, but then again, it’s on a little known network and isn’t aiming for that.

This horror series stars Katie McGrath (“Jurassic World”, “The Throwaways”), Brandon Jay McLaren (“Chicago Fire”, “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”), Steve Byers (“The Man in the High Castle”, “Gridlocked”), Patrick Garrow (“Regression”, “Stonewall”), Dean McDermott (“CSI”, “Ecstasy”), Christopher Jacot (“Hemlock Grove”, “Rogue”), Mary Walsh (“Rookie Blue”, “Republic of Doyle), Erin Karpluk (“Rookie Blue”, “Riftworld Chronicles”), Marko Nguyen (“KillJoys”, “Defiance”), Rob Stewart (“Killjoys”, “Suits”), Dylan Taylor (“11.22.63”, “Rogue”), Mark Ghanime (“Reign”, “Quantico”), and Jessica Sipos (upcoming season “UnREAL”, “Dark Matter”).

The series was created by Aaron Martin (“Killjoys”, “Saving Hope”).

The series debuted on March 4, 2016 on Chiller.

Truth be told I hadn’t actually heard about this show until five or six days ago. Why not? Same reason nobody else has. I’m more upset that I didn’t because I enjoy watching this network, even if it’s mostly just movies and reruns of old TV shows. However, as is the case here, occasionally the network does something original and it’s exciting to see. The network is working to sort of be in the game that all other networks have been a part of for some time. The last time I saw a Chiller Original anything was “Animal”, and I loved it. Probably, as here, I didn’t expect some amazing film, I could enjoy “Animal”, but I also love creature films, so that helped too. Here, I like a decent mystery and murder and mayhem! Here’s hoping I at least get that.

This really will be quick.

There’s actually not much to say about this. If you don’t enjoy ridiculous and pretty much stupid made-for-TV movies, then you won’t enjoy this. Not one tiny bit. As I’m writing this, I’m actually watching the second episode, which aired right after the first, and it just featured an incredibly stupid sequence. Pretty much what I expected, but it still had me shaking my head at the stupidity of the character. Now that I know what I’m definitely getting, I’m still okay with watching the pilot and this second one.

The pilot gave me everything I needed. I know, for one, that I can have fun with this series. It’s not going to be serious at all or really require me to be invested like the well done ones, which truly are few and far between. However, it’s sadly missing something that “Z Nation” has. Granted, they are on two different networks and are two very different types of shows. I think it will still be fun, but in a vastly different way than the zombie show. This show has decent enough acting, which is all I really need. The characters are eccentric and you get a quick idea of who they’ll be and whether or not you’ll like or hate them. Then, which makes sense as it is called “Slasher”, the rest is about the mystery of who the killer is, and what secrets do these residents have? By the close of this episode you discover that it’s not just McGrath’s character’s parents that have secrets, but everyone. How will this factor in? (Interesting, that after I wrote that, the second episode answered that question for me.) It’s still going to be interesting to see how all these secrets continue to factor into the overall serial killer mystery.

I almost forgot one thing that I got in the pilot! Violence and death!! It opened violently and featured another brutal kill! It wasn’t too gruesome, but it certainly gave me enough to feel the episode was worth watching! Here’s hoping the kills continue to be creative and gruesome, as that’s now one of the big reasons to tune in.

Some shows need to just be around for sheer entertainment. They don’t need to be some show that makes part of its purpose to make social commentary, or even be that good. Sometimes watching something really ridiculous, that’s not a program for 10 to 12 year olds, or “The Muppets”, is the best way to go. In some ways, you could be opening yourself up to the many possibilities that exist when you’re not watching some overly serious drama.


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