TV Movie: “The Cheetah Girls”

As children, we’ll pretty much watch anything that’s put in front of us, without question. We don’t know the difference between something good, bad, or in the middle. As long as it looks fun, we’ll probably tune in. It’s only later, if that, when we discover just how poor our decision making was at that time. Continue reading


Recently: “Spotlight”

Today journalists and journalism have taken so many hits, it’s hard for most people to trust the reporting that comes from any outlet. Some of this is due to the times we seem to live in, and those that are able to shape certain views to their liking. Fortunately, there are those that will push ahead when they know the story has to be told. The fallout may be huge, and some of it not the kind they want, but it will be worth it overall if the truth is revealed and the people are made aware that it’s been happening all along. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “All the President’s Men”

Very few moments in history, or captured on film, stand out so much like the one that helped bring down a sitting president. And not many moments better presented journalism at its finest. Journalism and journalists used to be held in such high regard, but of late only seem to draw the ire of the general public. While this film is getting up there in age, it’s still one that can be used as a fine example of the type of work journalists do that can and does make a difference. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “Good Night, and Good Luck.”

Most will usually agree that the standard of modern day broadcast journalism was set with the help of one man. This man sought out to only bring discussion and truth to his broadcasts, especially during a time that greatly needed it. It is because of him, that occasionally real, important, and hard hitting journalism is still able to be crafted and the world is better for it. But sometimes, as happens more often than not, giving in to other influences and interests, keeps the masses from being more informed. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Balibo” A Special Look

No one ever said films were created equal. Some films get seen by many viewers quickly, others only a handful, and some just don’t get seen, especially outside of the country of origin. When this is the case, the global audience could be the most effected. And if the film tackles a heavy and important issue, like this historical film about journalists, the loss is even greater. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “Truth”

This series wouldn’t be complete without including this film and the scandal it depicts! Time for another reblog! And besides, who doesn’t love talking about films with Cate Blanchett?

The Sony Pictures Classics film “Truth”, is still an incredibly engaging film about the importance of investigative journalism and how a certain political climate can distract from the important issues being discussed.

Interestingly enough, mainly as I was visiting home when my mother rented the film, I got the chance to watch the film again. And I loved it! It hasn’t gotten old yet, but I don’t want to push it and just assume that that will never happen. Anyway. It was great to get to see this film again and revisit this particularly sad time in journalism history. I found, after rereading my original post, that I still agree with all that I wrote. When reading it I suddenly felt everything that I did and understood how I came to these views. I’m certainly glad, once more, that I found and saw this film! While I may not have linked to the articles I referenced, but with a little help from Google, you too could find out from where I got the information! It isn’t just my word being presented. I did, funnily enough, find a few mistakes, too. Ones I should’ve caught beforehand. But that’s not important now.

Also, this piece more or less covers all the aspects I would’ve covered if I were writing this piece today. In some ways, I’d been preparing for this series before I even knew I was going to do it. Well, now that I’ve held you up long enough, go have a look at what I thought about the film adaptation of Mary Mapes and Dan Rather’s scandal over their Bush Guard story at CBS in 2004, which effectively ended both of their careers.

Past, Present, Future in TV and Film

Films about journalism are seldom ever about a positive moment in history. Most are about some scandal that shook the journalism world in some way. These films about scandal, are usually about just that, and nothing more. They’re negative views as they should be. So, when you get a film that looks at more than just the ugliness, you’re bound to find a film that does so much more than entertain.

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On Second Thought: “Kill the Messenger” A 20th Anniversary Special

A journalist is only as good as the story or stories they write. If you’re an investigative journalist, this couldn’t be more true. These types of stories only have real impact if everything is in line. The moment something seems off, even a tiny bit, all the weight the story should’ve had won’t be there. Nor will the credibility of the writer or the piece(s) they wrote. Bit by bit people will be wondering what to trust, and if the piece is supposed to shed some major light on some issue or scandal, the consequences could be dire. Continue reading