On Second Thought: “New Year’s Eve”

  Sometimes with a holiday themed film it just needs to be a distraction. It can be any level of entertaining, so long as it does the trick for the viewer. It’s all we can really expect from some as they’re mere attempts to cash in on a particular holiday. Continue reading


On Second Thought: “As Above, So Below”

  Note: This post was originally written for and published as part of MovieRob’s December Genre Grandeur – Found Footage Movies.

When it comes to the found footage sub-genre, it’s not one that has anyone jumping with excitement. No matter the type of film or actual genre it fits into, this sub-genre is an instant turn off for many. Too bad it doesn’t help that most found footage films are horror films. There’s a winning combination. Continue reading

Recently: “The Holiday”

  What’s a holiday film without romance being in the mix? Just another holiday film. While just another holiday film isn’t a terrible thing, sometimes one needs a little more to get into the holiday spirit. If it’s in the form of a romance film, hopefully it’s a good one. Continue reading

Catching Up: “A Christmas Story”

  Merry Christmas!! Hope your day has been a fun time with family, friends, or whomever it is you spend this day with. Among the many Christmas activities one participates in, the continued watching of Christmas films, some Christmas classics, may just be one of them. It can be an absolute fun experience that only makes the day even merrier. Continue reading

Recently: “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”

  Rebooting a franchise with a sequel after over a decade long absence seems to be a major trend right now. Sure it fires up the fan base and could potentially make a lot of money, but it also leaves many wondering whether or not it will be worth it. There’s just so much at stake and that includes the legacy and future of the franchise. Continue reading