At First Glance: “Finding Dory”

Sequels. Forget what I think about sequels, as here, even for me, it doesn’t apply. If it does, I’m going to deny it. I’m already incredibly excited for this animated sequel!

The upcoming Disney Pixar film “Finding Dory”, looks like it’ll be as funny and charming as the original was. Reminding us all why we love the character of Dory, along with giving us new reasons to love her.

This comedy will feature the voice talents of Ellen Degeneres (“The Simpsons”, “Finding Nemo”), Albert Brooks (upcoming “Concussion”, “A Most Violent Year”), Hayden Rolence, Diane Keaton (upcoming “Love the Coopers”, “And So It Goes”), Eugene Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”, “Working the Engels”), Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”, “Key and Peele”), Kaitlin Olsen (“Vacation”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), Ed O’Neil (“Modern Family”, “Entourage (2015)”), Willem Dafoe (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “A Most Wanted Man”), Vicki Lewis (“Modern Family”, “Doc McStuffins”), Idris Elba (upcoming “Luther”, “Beasts of No Nation”), and Dominic West (“The Affair”, “Testament of Youth”)

The film is written and directed by Andrew Stanton (“John Carter”, “Wall E”).

It is set to be released on June 17, 2016.
Since Degeneres (Dory herself) announced on her long running talk show that this sequel was happening, there’s been little to get excited about. Granted, that announcement was probably enough to carry everyone over until this point. Yesterday started us on this exciting moment, which comes to a close today, at least for now. The first poster for this film was released. It’s perfect. Simple really works best. And now, we’re graced with footage, also first shown on Degeneres’ talk show and the show’s YouTube page. Will this footage be in the film itself, or something like we used to see for upcoming Pixar films. Okay, I actually can’t remember if this ever was a thing, but since I just typed it as if from memory, I’m going to assume it was. If not, I’m sorry. Either way, it’s exciting to see these characters again.

Okay. Since I’ve now rewatched the teaser, I’m pretty certain this footage will be in the film. If not, I’ll be slightly disappointed.

There actually isn’t much to say. It’s all just snippets. What got me really excited was two things. Hearing Degeneres and Brooks as Dory and Marlin and just seeing the colorful and well design ocean we first saw 12 years ago. Those things did it. Granted, they’re also the only things involving familiar characters that we saw. Nemo too, but he’s voiced by a new actor. Setting that aside, it was also simply great to see that Dory was remembering stuff which is ultimately what sends her on her journey. Talk about detailing the plot to us. If that doesn’t get you excited and wanting more, I don’t know what will.

Even though this was a teaser, with such a limited amount of footage, that will probably be in the final film, it’s enough. Everything we came to love from “Finding Nemo”, so far looks like it’ll be there. I also figured this out from some quick searches online. These searches also yielded who else would be voicing the new characters we meet on this exciting journey! That alone has me excited. I can’t wait to hear their voices in this film, regardless of character they play. I guess this goes to show why so many people inherently trust a Disney and Pixar film.


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