TV Movie: “They Found Hell”

Even when you think you’ve seen all that SyFy can dish out, they throw out one more movie. I thought I’d seen it all, or the extent to which I can imagine, but not at all. The result is something that doesn’t disappoint, if you live for this kind of movie.

The Cinetel Films movie “They Found Hell”, is a ridiculous film that has very little plot, and gets away with it as the plot isn’t important.

This horror movie stars Chris Schellenger (“Hacker’s Game”, “The Canyons”), Katy Reece, Kabby Borders (“Next Day Getaway (Short 2015)”, “Web Atlas”), Austin Scott (“Alex Mango’s Onyx Lullaby: Sweet Dreams”, “Trauma”), Mirela Burke (“Orange County Hill Killers (Short 2012)”, “Pitter Patter (Short 2010)”), Hunter Canedy (“Sex Sent Me to the ER”, “Here with Me (Short 2014)”), James Sobol Kelly (“The Last Hours of Laura K”, “The Two Faces of January”), and Max Rinehart (“Miss You Already”, “The Bad Education Movie”).

This movie is directed by Nick Lyon (“Z Nation”, “Bermuda Tentacles”) and written by Nicole Jones Dion (“Devil’s Deal (Short 2015)”, “Tekken: Kazuya’s Revenge”) and Neil Elman (“Lavalantula”, “LA Apocalypse”).

While I live for the bad sci-fi movies that air on SyFy, I do expect something a bit more fun than what I got in this one. It seemed to be lacking something that I typically like and expect. Too bad I don’t fully know what that is, so it’s almost pointless to mention. Either way, while it was enjoyable for a SyFy movie, it’s certainly not a top anything nor one I want to own any time soon.

The biggest problem I have with this film isn’t the special effects, which were pretty terrible. The design was fine, but when it came to including them into the movie, not so much. There was barely a plot, which isn’t new either, but the reasoning behind what they were all doing never seemed to make a whole lot of sense. I feel that because this was missing or less thought out, I couldn’t even roll my eyes at the stupidity of it all. Half of that is what makes watching these movies so much fun. The upside for this film, it didn’t need the plot as the only goal was to stay alive.

After these scientists? get sucked into some vortex hole thingy that they created, the majority the film was spent with these same scientists, (seriously no idea if they’re scientists), running around hell and trying not to get eaten or maimed. Sure some of these situations, special effects, and overall designs were pretty good, and the film is certainly one of the creepiest that SyFy has shown, but it got somewhat tiresome after awhile. There’s only so much of run from place to place, from thing to thing, and hardly get a scratch on you that I can take. It just wasn’t enough to get me to really like the movie and make wasting two hours of my life worth it. And no, no matter how much Twitter made the experience a hell of a lot better, it couldn’t fully make the film enjoyable like the previous two weeks. I will say that it was a pretty decent take on the idea of hell, but one I hope they don’t try and expand on.

The next worst part to not having much of a lame and laughable plot is that when trying to explain things, and save the main characters, it was just awkward and didn’t seem to help the movie. These two characters really didn’t do anything. You learned nothing, and watched them be busy and concerned, but not in any way that proved necessary beyond the writers need to explain to the audience why things happened the way they did. Worse than knowing that some crazy scientist did experiments with various animals.

It may be one of the less exciting movies shown on sci-fi, but it could’ve been worse. I could’ve forgotten about it completely. I’ll just be glad that this network tries to air entertaining movies, even if they’ll never truly be all that amazing. Without this, I’m sure the network would be just another one I ignore.


One thought on “TV Movie: “They Found Hell”

  1. FWIW they were graduate (?) students in science, presumably physics, but not specified. Regardless, if they were doing genuine research into teleportation, that makes them scientists no matter their education, or job titles. If they were just fooling around trying to build something based on the research of others (i.e. the professor in the story), then they are more like amateur engineers.


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