Pilot: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

New show’s on a network with a less than stellar track record are difficult to get behind. The premise of the show is probably not going to be all that interesting or unique, and it won’t matter as the viewers will find this out too and stay away. Trailers and marketing are supposed to bolster a new show, but sometimes it does the opposite.

The new “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, is a ridiculous, silly musical comedy that could actually be a success for the network. Too bad the audience probably will never be there.

This musical comedy series stars Rachel Bloom (“Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas”, “BoJack Horseman”), Vincent Rodriguez III (“Hostages”, “The Onion News Network”), Santino Fontana (“Frozen Fever (Short 2015)”, “Mozart in the Jungle”), Donna Lynne Champlin (“Younger”, “The Good Wife”), and Pete Gardner (“Masters of Sex”, ‘The Brink”).

The series was created by Bloom (“Robot Chicken”, “The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange”) and Aline Brosh McKenna (“Annie (2014)”, “We Bought a Zoo”).

The series debuted on Oct. 12, 2015 on The CW.

I’m not one to jump instantly into a show aired on The CW. I seldom find anything they put on worth it, and “Supernatural” doesn’t count as they didn’t create the show and originally air it10 years ago. This network caters to an audience that just wants the same show and ones that aren’t particularly intelligent. Seriously, is it too hard for viewers to ask a network for something smart? Well, much like “iZombie”, this show actually has a smart and unique twist on a genre (or multiple genres) that’s becoming more increasingly drained of originality.

This eccentric series is a musical comedy, and as such is going to have various musical numbers. I was instantly taken in the trailer, by the song “West Covina” as it was exciting to hear, fun and funny all at once. Getting to experience this song in the episode, on top of all the other funny bits that came before, was more or less what sold me on this show. The good thing is, at least so far, it didn’t seem like this first song, or the two that followed, were forced or awkward, anything like that. Sure they seemed to come out of nowhere, but that’s half the purpose of this show and Bloom’s character. It’s what’s going to make this show work or not, but I believe it will if given the chance.

The thing about this show too, is that Bloom has the opportunity, much like Amy Schumer and her series “Inside Amy Schumer”, to make various statements and critiques on any kind of issue. Okay, any series actually has that opportunity, even if it’s just a statement on some past moment in pop culture. But here, she won’t just have a character saying something, but doing it in a funny manner that hopefully makes the point in a clever manner. The second musical number in this episode called, “The Sexy Getting Ready Song”, is the exact thing I’m talking about. It’s a number that’s exactly as it sounds. She’s singing about, whilst getting ready, the ridiculous process of how women get ready for just a simple date or what have you. It’s quite funny and a bit disturbing.

The musical numbers are funny, but so is the rest of the episode, if I haven’t made that clear yet. But, what gets me, is how this series, assuming it lasts, could be funny in a somewhat familiar way for me. It could be funny, in an “Ally McBeal” kind of way. “Ally McBeal” was overall an eccentric and quirky show. The characters were strange, sometimes neurotic and just unusual, but in a funny and enjoyable way. Then, there were the dramatic moments where you got to know and like, or dislike, the characters that helped balance the show, even if it was through the various court cases going on in any given episode.

This musical comedy I think could succeed from this type of approach. Of course, the zany musical numbers are going to fuel half of it, but it’s also going to come from whatever new crazy situation Bloom finds herself in. Most likely also with the help of her new friend, Paula. These situations will probably also come about because, well, as the title suggests, she’s a crazy ex. However, that being said, I hope they fully explain what kind of mental issues she has as that’s going to really set this show apart from just merely being a show about a girl who can’t let go of an ex.

I mentioned briefly one character, Paula, played by Champlin, and so I feel I should quickly talk about them a bit more. Of course, Bloom’s Rebecca Bunch, is going to be an interesting one to watch. It is, after all, about her. However, that doesn’t mean you have to make her the first one you love, if it all. I did, instantly, and I never thought about it again. She’s not just crazy, whatever that means, but also smart, witty, and funny and a lawyer, so I think we’ll get a pretty dynamic look at this woman. Paula, took a bit to grow on me. I never disliked her, but I wasn’t convinced. Fortunately, by the end of the episode and the “West Covina (Reprise)” number, she sealed how awesome she was going to be. Before then, she was funny and just made the rest of the show continue to gel that way it had been. By the end, she was ready to be Bloom’s friend and keep her secret, even if she is somewhat of a mess. I see a unique relationship and many silly antics occurring because of this, amongst so much more. Fontana was really the last one that stood out, but he’s going to take a bit more time. He’s quick witted and was able to go toe to toe with Bloom, but as he was mainly the first person, outside of work, that she met and went on a date with, he didn’t serve much of a purpose. He’s nice and compassionate, so he scores points with this. The only question remaining, will Fontana be singing any songs or just be plotting to take over Arendelle once more.

The CW, along with “Jane the Virgin”, (I still think they need to swap time slots), could seriously have a phenomenal night of programming now! This might be, since “Nikita”, (okay, maybe “iZombie”, but I was already excited when I heard that Rob Thomas (“Veronica Mars”) was creating it, so it doesn’t really count), the first time I’m truly (no, really) excited about a show on this network. The brief interactions I’ve had with critic reviews, even if they’re just a short sentence, have been good. Rotten Tomatoes already has it at a 97% fresh rating. That’s a good sign. However, that doesn’t mean the audience will be there, which is already showcased as according to TVLine, only 900,000 people tuned in and received 0.3 in the demo.

It’s sad, but that’s how things roll with this network. It’s also why this network, to me, and I’m sure to many others, is a joke. It was created for a specific demographic of viewers, but can’t even attract the audience it was meant to cater to. Hopefully the social media presence is enough to outweigh this, as that’s how the network judges, in part, whether to keep a show. If not, this will be one show I’m sad about having started watching.

Hilarious and exciting series trailer:


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