10 Years: “The Constant Gardener”

Some films just get it right on every level. It’s rare, but it happens from time to time. If it’s a film you haven’t seen for awhile, then hopefully the film can hold up all those years later and wow you like it did the first time. From that standpoint, one could easily consider it a really well made film. Certainly one worth seeing if it hasn’t yet been seen Continue reading


TV Movie: “The Unauthorized Full House Story”

When someone, multiple people really, tell you that something sucks it’s usually best to not run out to greet it. The let down you’ll experience, brought on by not listening to those that know first hand, is going to be huge and you’ll probably find yourself kicking yourself for the rest of your life. Also, you’ll probably be tormented by your bad decision making for all eternity. Continue reading

Pilot: “Public Morals”

New shows are fun. Well, they can be. If you like them enough, you’ll watch for years, or months, or maybe just a few weeks, depending on how long they run for. Once they’re gone, whether it was truly a good show or not, you’ll be sad and probably distrustful of the next show to come. However, you could also be saddled with the mysterious question of, what did I just watch? Apparently it won’t matter how long you may or may not watch something if you weren’t even all there for the first episode. Gotta sort that out first. Continue reading

At First Glance: “The Martian”

Science fiction films are a tricky type of film to make. There’s a lot of different ways to tell a science fiction film, but sadly most have been done to death. There’s also so many that are just done for the sake of entertainment, which is fine, but after awhile, even that grows a bit dull and lifeless. Where’s an intelligent AND entertaining science fiction film when you need one? Continue reading

Pilot: “Fear the Walking Dead”

When a new show is a spin-off it’s thought of as having a lot to live up to. In some ways that’s true. But those are the die hards talking. The ones who only expect the same type of show they’re used to, never thinking that in order for a spin-off to even sort of work, it has to be different. Drastically different? Not at all. Just different enough that the sort of fresh ideas can actually come off as original and be able to entertain those that hadn’t latched on to the original show in the first place. Continue reading

10 Years: “Red Eye”

Thrillers are often misunderstood. This is partly because they’re seldom done well or even interesting. Every once in awhile, be they super complicated or not, a good thriller may come your way and surprise you enough to have renewed hope in this genre. Continue reading

First Time Viewing: “CSI: Cyber”

It turns out that I’m a sucker for some pretty bad shows. I watch a lot of terrible stuff that TV has to offer, and usually enjoy it, as one should. However, there are some shows that should be avoided at all costs. If I’d only I’d taken that advice the moment I finished the first episode. The entire experience could’ve been avoided. But, I do it for you, so you know what to avoid or stop avoiding at the first opportunity. Continue reading