Another First Glance: “steve jobs”

There’s nothing quite like a good biopic to get you excited for the last part of the year. That’s the hopes at least, as a trailer can only do so much. Some truly do capture it all in one go, and others may end up taking a few additional trailers to convince you its worth it.

The upcoming Universal Pictures film “steve jobs”, looks like a winner for all involved, as well as delivering a complex and compelling glimpse into the life of fascinating figure.

This biopic stars Michael Fassbender (upcoming “Macbeth”, “Slow West”), Kate Winslet (“A Little Chaos”, “Insurgent”), Seth Rogan (upcoming “X-Mas”, “Kroll Show”), and Jeff Daniels (upcoming “The Martian”, “The Newsroom”).

The film is directed by Danny Boyle (“Babylon (2014 mini-series”, “Trance”) and written by Aaron Sorkin (“The Newsroom”, “Moneyball”). It is based on the book by Walter Issaccson.

The film is expected to hit theaters on Oct. 9, 2015.

It’s taken some time but I’m finally getting around to talking about this latest trailer. When it first came out I simply stumbled upon it and got to watching it. Little did I know what exactly I was in store for. By the time I finished the trailer I was blown away! I was impressed and pretty much over the moon about it. I believe some audible gasps of were made as I was that stunned and in need of catching my breath. I’m surprised there were more people staring as I was sitting in a Raleys at the time. As happens the effect has since died, but I’m still incredibly excited.

There’s not much to say that I haven’t already said before.

Sorkin wrote the screenplay, so it’s bound to be really good. Also, it could just be me as I’m pretty biased when it comes to his work.

I do truly think this trailer speaks for itself, as do most trailers when I think about it, but this one especially.

Let me clarify. When I first heard of the concept for this film, which is something along the lines of this film being three really long scenes, each occurring backstage at three major product launches, with other things occurring too. Flashbacks and what not. Originally I didn’t know about the flashbacks bits or knowledge on any other ways this story would be told, so it sounded pretty stupid to me. Now, with the help of this first full length trailer, I get it! I’m on board! This is why I’m really excited for this film.

Then, of course, there’s the actors. I’m sure at some point you’ve seen some of each of the four principal leads’ work. I know I have. Okay, except most of Rogan’s work, as it’s not particularly appealing, or good. I guess that’s a reason to be excited, even if it is a small one. I’m at least optimistic that they’ll do a good job, but it’s too early to be certain. I can say I am more on board with Fassbender as Steve Jobs than I was before. I just couldn’t see him as this well known figure, especially since his look has always been so specific. While it’s not an exact likeness, it’s pretty good and will certainly do well for this film.
Like I said, there’s not much to say about this. However, I did just realize that that could be interpreted as a bad thing, but it’s not. Nor do I believe that it applies to other films either.

It all comes down to the story, like any film actually. However, as this is a biopic and a biopic based on a pretty big biographical book, there’s a lot riding on this story than usual. Which is also why I don’t have much to say on this trailer. It looks that good and I’m incredibly optimistic Sorkin will get everything about the story right. Pacing can be tricky.

Hey! I guess now would be a good time to try and tackle the massive book by Issaccson. It has been sitting on my book shelf for, oh, something like seven months or more. Yeah, sounds like a plan.


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