10 Years: “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”

  Action films are tough enough as it is, but when you throw 10 years into the mix, it can make for one very interesting experience. One wouldn’t think that an action film could be affected by time, but if it was only an okay film to begin with, it’s not going to suddenly look any better. That’s the down side to having a continuous stream of creative people that want to push the envelope on what we’ve seen in any kind of film. With action, you don’t want to repeat what you’ve seen in other films.

The 20th Century Fox film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, is still incredibly sleek and fun, even if the humor’s somewhat died.

This action comedy stars Brad Pitt (upcoming “By the Sea”, “Fury”), Angelina Jolie (upcoming “By the Sea”, “Maleficent”), Vince Vaughn (“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continue”, “Delivery Man”), Adam Brody (“Think Like a Man Too”, “Growing Up and Other Lies”), Kerry Washington (“Scandal”, “Peeples”), Stephanie March (“Innocence”, “Happy Endings”), Jennifer Morrison (“Once Upon a Time”, “How I Met Your Mother”), Perrey Reeves (“Entourage”, “Babysitter’s Black Book”), and Chris Weitz (“Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas”, “See This Movie”).

The film was directed by Doug Liman (“Edge of Tomorrow”, “Fair Game”) and written by Simon Kinberg (upcoming “Fantastic Four (2015)”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”).

It originally opened on June 10, 2005.

My god that was amazing. I’ve been thinking of how best to begin, and I can’t. So, what do I do? I keep on watching the unrated version of this movie. Yes, I have two versions of the same film. I like it that much. And now that that impressive fight scene between Jolie and Pitt has taken place, I can hopefully move on and not be distracted anymore. Who am I kidding, it’s on, I’m going to consider myself permanently distracted.
So, as I mentioned (sort of), the action in this movie is on point! It’s what you expect from a Liman film after all. If there is a level of disappointment to be had, it’s in the fact that it wasn’t more intense or brutal, like that seen in “Nikita”. Still, the car chase, the gun fights, the one on one brawl in the house are so much fun! I vaguely remember them also being slightly funny too. The one component that helped make all of this possible, besides the stunt coordinators, are Jolie and Pitt. Two actors that are incredibly capable and willing to do as much of the stunts as possible. While this is a vastly different film, showcasing their abilities, in the action genre, there never seems to be a moment that’s wasted when it comes to them.

The score may not be John Williams levels of amazing, but it certainly works. I’d forgotten how playful, and a bit exciting it was. Just pick a scene, any scene, and somehow it just worked. Maybe it’s also just that it didn’t use typical arrangements or instruments. Whatever it is, it certainly helped make the action scenes (one on one fight scene for instance), calmer bits that focused on their lifeless marriage, and even the scenes where we get to see them kill their respective targets. more enjoyable. The music could’ve been more intense sounding, but the composer chose to go another route.

The chemistry (or something like it) is there. That’s obvious. It’s red hot from the beginning. It radiates off the screen through out the whole film. Without this, in part, this film probably wouldn’t have worked in any capacity, nor would it have been pretty well received by critics. The way they’re both in sync for most of the film, even in the lifeless marriage portions, makes up for the fact that this film’s plot is in fact a bit simplistic and predictable. Sorry, it had to be said. It pains me. However, that in mind, it doesn’t change the fact that this is certainly a fun action film that doesn’t disappoint. It also helps that while this isn’t a character film, there’s so much insight into them individually and as a couple. So much so, that you’re actually able to go a bit deeper than just liking or disliking either of them.

And that’s it. Not much to it, which in this case makes this film work. It’s highly enjoyable. I also don’t think it’s going to lose any of what made it great fun the first time, or this time, in the years to come. While I’m disappointed I didn’t laugh all that much, or I just missed the humor, I’m once again reminded why Liman, Jolie, and Pitt are go to people for a certain type of film. If given the right material and co-stars, they can make anything look great.

The exciting trailer:


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