Pilot: “Stitchers”

Some show’s have such an unusual name that that alone requires at least one go around. This curiosity may even be peaked by the simple fact that you don’t know anything about it, other than the show name and that it will be debuting soon. For all you know, you could be stumbling upon the next best thing in Summer programming! Or, as is often the case, it’s just another mediocre show that somehow got put on the air.

The ABC Family Original series, “Stitchers”, isn’t going to make any lasting impressions on the television landscape, but it could be a good waste of an hour.

The series stars Emma Ishta (“Black Box”, “Manhattan Love Story”), Kyle Harris (“The Carrie Doaries”, “It Could Be Worse”), Ritesh Rajan (“Campus Life”, “A Gifted Man”), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (“Being Mary Jane”, “Castle”), Allison Scagliotti (“Warehouse 13”, “Switched at Birth”).

The series was created by Jeffrey Alan Schecter (“Transporter: The Series”, “The Hunters”).

The series is set to premier on June 2, 2015 on ABC Family.

Free episode on iTunes. As it turns out this is probably why I get around to watching even one episode of some shows. It’s difficult to pass up something that’s free. In this case, all I’ve done is confuse myself. I can’t tell if this show is worth watching or not. Surprisingly it’s not because I’m trying to figure out if it’ll get cancelled early or not. I’m just not certain it’ll make for a good series in general. I could be wrong. It happens.

What I’m certain of though is that it might take some time to like the lead character. She’s annoying. Simple as that. The lead character, even if she does have some sort of development thing, or whatever (they talk about it in the show and it has a name), it doesn’t keep her from being irritating. My first thought, after a while, was that she has no people skills, or she certainly doesn’t appear to. If I couldn’t stand to watch “Backstrom” for this similar type of behavior, why would I want to here? All the other characters are up in the air as of this pilot episode.

While it’s definitely a sci-fi show, did I mention it was pretty much a police procedural? Well it is. I guess this will be fine, for a while, as there is no doubt going to be a bigger mysterious arc happening, which is really only made possible with the way the episode itself ended. While the ending had a decent twist at the end (wholly unoriginal), it’s probably going to figure in the rest of the season somehow. I also should’ve seen it coming. At some point, there were in fact clues. Oh well, guess I’ll find out if I remember to watch again in two weeks.

As I mentioned above, the show explained her, whatever, but somehow I feel that that wasn’t enough to make the series make sense. Something still isn’t connecting. Maybe I just plain missed it because I wasn’t fully invested, which is a bad sign all on its own. Then, of course, there’s the fact that at about 29 minutes in, I was able to see just what kind of show this will probably be, at least for me. It’s just another show to watch because you can. You won’t particularly love it, but it could entertain you for at least an hour a week. It looks like the kind of show that’s fun viewing, as it’s not a completely terrible show, but it’s only good enough. If you miss a week or two, you’ll live and play catch up later, if at all. Somehow I see myself falling behind on this and being okay with that.

I will give this show some points for being witty with some of its dialogue. The banter between characters struck just enough cords to make me laugh a little. The only saving grace for this show so far.

If you don’t know about this already, take a peek!

Series premier trailer:


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