Last Showing

Sticking with tradition, The CW is the last broadcast network to unveil its schedule for the Fall and its new shows. All in all, the content looks about the same as in the past. Safe and predictable. This should be interesting later in the year.

During the presentation, the network has for midseason “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Containment”, while debuting in the Fall, all on its own, is “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. Will these shows just be more shows nobody is watching, or will the network actually find itself with superb ratings?!

“Legends of Tomorrow”: Because two superhero shows isn’t enough, the people that do watch this network, are now saddled with another. I’m not thinking this is going to be anything groundbreaking, or really that good, but it’ll probably be fun. It looks like it, and Caity Lotz (“The Flash”, “Stalker”) is returning (spoiler alert), so there’s that to look forward to. I’ll probably watch, but if I get behind, I won’t bend over backwards to catch up. I for once am saddened that this has to wait until next year to debut. (Midseason)

“Containment”: I’m somewhat intrigued by this. I like the overall premise, but then again, I did like “Contagion” and “Outbreak”, so it really doesn’t take much. I’m more intrigued by how this show will go forward. I feel that this show has no choice to be a character focused drama, but how does the outbreak factor in beyond the first episode? The sad part is, even if it’s good from a a creative standpoint, not many people will be watching anyway. (Midseason)

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”: Oh dear god. Save me. I’m not sure exactly what part of this is stupider, but there’s plenty of stupid to be had. However, when the random singing started, I kind of found it a bit cute, even while all the while, I found it too annoying. Is this show going to continue with this, but not be clever and purposeful like “Galavant”? If yes, then I probably won’t stick with it. Granted, I probably won’t for other reasons, so it doesn’t really matter. Monday’s at 8 on this network may actually be fun, for one week at least.

And that wraps up Upfronts week for the broadcast networks! Phew! Never thought that’d end. All in all, there are some I’m excited for an others I’m on the bubble about. Then, and this is where it’s more fun, I’m really excited about predicting which ones will get the axe first! It’s more fun when you make it a game. Now we just have to get through the Summer season, which is already shaping up to be a busy time. I should probably catch up on some of my Summer shows too, now that I think about it.


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