Show and Tell: Part II

As Upfronts week continued it became the American Broadcasting Company’s (ABC) and CBS’ turn to shine, for better or worse! Rolling out both new and old programming as well as detailing where each show would air during the week, was only part of what occurred during the two events. Each network released some trailers for new shows that will debut in the Fall as well as a few midseason shows. Hopefully they’re good, or my excitement over Upfronts will have been for nothing.

ABC released trailers, as of this writing, for Fall and midseason shows, “The Catch”, “The Muppets”, “Dr. Ken”, “The Family”, “Of Kings and Prophets”, “Oil”, “Quantico”, “The Real O’Neals”, “Uncle Buck” and “Wicked City”. Does the network have any returning programs? Sure doesn’t seem it.

“The Catch”: Even after watching the trailer for a second time, I’m still hooked. However, at the same time, I’m still wondering how this is supposed to be a continuous series, at least beyond a first season. Maybe it’s because I’m not creative enough, like the creators for this show, or it is in fact not something that’s going to unspool as nicely as it should and make it worth while. I’ll definitely be checking out this series, so I guess it helps that Mireille Enos (“If I Stay”, “The Killing”), is in it as a lead character. (Midseason)

“The Muppets”: I AM ON BOARD! I thought I’d absolutely hate this (I say this now), but I think I’ll be able to enjoy it. Of course, I’ll have reverted to my 10 year old, or younger, self. I was laughing all the way through this trailer! I guess that’s a pretty good indicator of what may be in store on Tuesday’s at 8p. Of course, you’re also hearing this from the guy who absolutely enjoyed the first season of “Galavant”.

“Dr. Ken”: [sigh] And I’m back to hating comedy. Sorry, but this show is shit. Ken Jeong may occasionally find something funny and make it work, but this is not it. Skip! This is definitely one of those times you’ll want to be out on Friday nights at 8:30p, mainly as you’ll be doing something far more worth while.

“The Family”: Okay, I’ll bite. Joan Allen (“A Good Marriage”, “The Killing”) and Allison Pill (upcoming “Cooties”, “The Newsroom”), may be big reasons why I’ll watch. The other, if you’ve watched the trailer, is to see if there’s any sense to this premise that’s supposed to be a mystery. The ending of the trailer did hook me, but if the full episode doesn’t lay it out better, or make it seem like it’ll really work, like “Damages”, in terms of twists and deceit and what not, then I won’t want to put up with it. It’s already leaning so far over into a one and done series that ratings will either help or hurt. It’s that simple. (Midseason)

“Of Kings and Prophets”: Oh dear god, this is expensive. I have a feeling this show will not go over well with many people. I think I would’ve rather taken 13 more episodes of “Revenge” than this. I just… people may tune in once, maybe twice, but I don’t see this as being some big ratings, or even good, successful series. Looks like Sunday’s at 10p aren’t going to get a worthy replacement.

“Oil”: “In the world of oil, one name reigns supreme.” Ewing?! It’s Ewing, right? The only way I’m going to keep watching this, if I do at all, is if one of the character’s names is John Ross, JR, Sue Ellen, or Bobby (or anybody else really), as that’s basically what this show is going to be. Such a waste. On the plus side, it looks like another primetime soap, which is perfect for Sunday night’s at 9p.

“Quantico”: What? If what I just saw is supposed to happen in the pilot alone, then this show already has an issue. It’s title. If she’s on the run, for any length of time, how is she supposed to come back and continue training as a, whatever they call a person training to be an agent of the F.B.I.? I guess this is sort of making me more intrigued than I was already, which was only for the last few minutes. I like the idea of this being called Quantico and taking place at the academy, but now there’s a bit more incentive. Let’s hope it plays it better than it seems like it will when it airs on Tuesday’s at 10p. Also, is she trying to hide an accent? It sounds like she’s trying to hide an accent. If she is, she’s doing a pretty poor job at it. It’s more obvious and intrusive to her character than Archie Panjabi’s on “The Good Wife”.

“The Real O’Neals”: If the title doesn’t already tell you potentially bad show, watch the trailer. This looks bad. It’s unfortunate that Martha Plimpton (“Raising Hope”, “The Good Wife”) is a part of this. Then there’s the whole need to have a young gay son, who has been hiding this for some time. I think I’m just tired of this particular approach to “storytelling”. “The McCarthy’s” couldn’t make it work, why do the writers for this show think they can? If I watch it’s just because of Plimpton. I’m not expecting great things from this show. (Midseason)

“Uncle Buck”: Did you see “Bad Teacher”? Did you see “Bad Judge”? Yeah, this show is basically going to be those shows. I can’t say if it’ll be more annoying than those, but it’ll be a close second or third. I think I’d rather go and watch “black-ish”; at least the mother was funny and interesting. (Midseason)

“Wicked City”: Okay, well, this looks boring as hell. I’m going with the thought that this is, if successful, an anthology series. I hate these types of shows now. This one, just looks boring. It’s a police procedural, but you know who the killer is and so it’s more of a question of when? You know he’ll get caught, most likely, and that’s not really interesting. Nor does it appear that any of the other actors characters will be interesting enough to want to see what their personal lives are like. (Midseason)

Following ABC’s big, and crowded, showcase, came CBS with a far fewer number of new shows to grace us in the Fall. However, as I discovered, they don’t so much like to tease us, but give us the whole damn episode in almost 10 minutes. I’m not even sure I need to watch the damn episodes now.

The new shows featured include the comic book adaptation “Supergirl”, “Angel From Hell”, “Code Black”, “Life in Pieces”, and “Limitless”. These networks really hate originality. Good grief.

“Supergirl”: Where to start? First, my god, could this be any longer. It ran for six and a half minutes, more than! Is there any reason to watch the pilot? I’m still on the bubble with regards to if this show will remain successful or not. I think people will tune in a few times, but for a whole season, maybe not. Worst and best thing about this trailer is the introduction to Calista Flockhart’s (“Brothers & Sisters”, “Ally McBeal”) character. I had quite the laughing fit. As long as it’s special effects look better, or decent, then I’m good and will probably tune in Monday’s at 8. It seems like it’ll aim for a more lighter tone, which is fine for now.

“Angel From Hell”: I still hate comedies, but I feel that this one is going to be more comedy drama. Jane Lynch (“Glee”, “Two and a Half Men”) is already cracking me up, but I fear this could get old. I’m not entirely sure yet of the direction this series could take, so I may need to watch the pilot when it airs on Thursdays at 9:30. Ouch. The networks already betting against its own show. It may have potential, but it depends on how the stories are told. Otherwise, Lynch should just go do standup.

“Code Black”: While they may not call it by name, this is basically a reboot of the NBC classic, “ER”. Or it’s just another medical drama and I’m annoyed by it and it doesn’t really matter what it’s trying to be. The only thing I want to know, other than why did this have to be over seven minutes in length? is, will I care about these people? It doesn’t seem like it. Is it going to take the approach that “Chicago Fire” is using? If not, then I don’t know what will be bringing me back each Wednesday at 10p.

“Life in Pieces”: The trailer, fortunately was of normal length, but has me concerned. How many people are we going to follow? Okay, that’s not the original thought. I had something but now can’t remember. I like that this is, striving, to be about a family. Yes this is a strange family, and I feel that they’re trying too hard to make them eccentric, but family none the less. It could turn out to be funny and the family may be worth keeping up with on Monday’s at 8:30. I must say that the cast is impressive, but will that make the characters at all bearable?

“Limitless”: I already feel that in order to see this series, you need to have watched the original film. It’s not just because Bradley Cooper (“Serena”) is going to be making appearances, but that it alludes to previous events that may have been in the film. It does look cool. I can’t deny that. However, the series seems like it’s basically going to turn into a police procedural that may or may not require you to care about any of the characters. If this series doesn’t make it Tuesday’s at 10p, then I won’t be surprised. I will also be hoping that it shows the network heads that sequel series aren’t needed, nor a good idea.

And that brings Upfronts week even closer to being done. It’s been exciting, but definitely very tiresome. The upside to this week is that I get the next several months to more or less forget about these shows. That sounds a bit backwards in logic, but since August will be here rather quickly, the isn’t a need to get overly excited for these shows. Stick around as there’s still one network left and possibly a few cable networks. If this plays out like last year, there may be some things left to surprise me and you.


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