Posts, Interrupted

It is with a heavy heart that I must interrupt the flow of posts to bring you some news. It’s a small matter, some would even say crucial, but it was only a matter of time before I got to this point. Now it has arrived. The only thing left to do is forge ahead, like ripping the bandage off. So here I go, ready to rip.

If you thought the first sentence following the jump was going to be one of sadness, or in any way negative or conveying some kind of misfortune, you’re wrong. It’s actually a lot happier!

The current theme for these last few days has been celebrations. Actually, it’s probably more like birthday’s, but I guess that just depends on who you are and what your preferred word choice is. Either works, or use both, in an interchangeable manner.

Okay, on with it, especially since I’ve wasted two more paragraphs on words that don’t convey the main point of this particular post. Although now that may be three, but whatever.

Today is my birthday. No, not my actual one, that was yesterday. No, today marks the first year that I’ve been doing this blogging thing. I feel that’s kind of special and deserves to have something done to honor such an occasion. You do only get one after all.

What is my way of honoring this particular milestone? Expanding on the ways in which I connect with my readers. It’s called social networking or social media for a reason, is it not?

And with that, it is my honor to announce to you that you can now follow me (actually for some time) on Twitter and Instagram!

If I’ve done this correctly, then you’ll see a Twitter feed (later today), or if I’ve done something wrong, which is entirely possible, then you’ll see something else. Either way, there will be something new on the page, or pages? somewhere. I’m that talented that I could seriously screw things up.

So, go ahead! Click the follow button! You know you want to. By doing so you’ll be able to get even more of my thoughts on a whole range of things, especially related to TV and film, that you can’t find within the words on this blog, and comment that way. I am going to say this now, so as to not surprise anyone, but it won’t be exclusively about the two topics this blog covers. I have a lot of loves, and only the patience for one account. So news topics and politics will regularly pop in and out too. It’s just easier this way, but still loads of fun!

My Instagram is just random. That’s really all I can say. It’s an even better way to take a peak inside my life.

And if you just choose to type in and search for me in the just as easy, little bit lengthier process, feel free to do so! My usernames are listed below.

Twitter: stevgor_
Instagram: stevgor


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