Recently: “House Call (Short 2011)”

[Sigh] Short films. Why do they exist? Why does anybody bother making them? Are they even seen prior, if at all, to coming out of nowhere and being received quite well and considered good? I may never know. What I do know is, they can certainly be lousy.

The Sphinx Productions short film “House Call”, is a noble attempt at something… and that’s about it.

This horror short stars Aimee Bello (“Thinking Speed”), Michael Shepherd Jordan (“Lactose Intolerance (Short 2011)”, “The Lion’s Den (Short 2011)”), Janet Gawrys, and Brad Egger.

The short was written and directed by Erik L. Wilson (“The Memoirs of Don Walker (Short 2005)”).

The short film debuted sometime in 2011, although, of late, it seemed like it was being pushed out there as something new. Strange.

Yeah, this was bad. However, considering I stumbled upon this by accident a few months ago, although I couldn’t tell you how, I’m not surprised. There’s a reason why so few people have heard of it, let alone seen it. Sadly I am now one of those people, but unlike so many others, I disliked the video. No, literally, I disliked it. I pushed the thumbs down icon.

This wasn’t particularly good on any front. The situations leading to the not scary at all, scary moments, were boring and cliché. The unhappy girlfriend, who is cheating on her mean boyfriend, or was it husband? I don’t even know. As one would expect, and this I rolled my eyes at, she kills him. Bring on the other cliché and uninteresting moments.

The characters are lifeless. Then they, especially the male lead, become annoying when the strange things begin happening. He does every cliché thing one does when investigating a strange noise at night. What doesn’t help, even though this may just be because of the person in charge of this, the lighting sucks. I get its nighttime, but did it have to be that difficult to see his face? Any darker and I’d be wondering if he was even in the room.

Like I said, the “scary” moments just weren’t. I rolled my eyes some more and begged for it all to end. It did, but not soon enough. Spoiler alert: she dies. I don’t care. What I do care about is the fact that I wasted about 20 minutes of my life. Maybe you will too. Oh, and to make it worse, the person that brought the dead guys spirit out to play, is related to him in someway. Of course they are.

The only thing it seems I’ve learned from this is a reason I should stay away from short films. There’s a reason you only hear of them, especially if you’re reading a filmography, but never actually seen one. No, seriously, how does one hear of one or see one? I guess I’ll just wait until the good ones roll around at next year’s Academy Awards ceremony. At least I’ll know it’ll be worth it.

Here’s the short film. Watch it if you want (dare), while you can, which could be for a long time.


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