At First Glance: “Sinister 2”

When you have one creepy and successful film, you’d better have another. It’s not a surprise, but it’s certainly something to be welcomed with some kind of cautious optimism.

The upcoming Focus Features film “Sinister 2”, has all the familiar markings of a creepy horror film, but one notable addition that could easily sink this sequel.

This supernatural horror film stars Shannyn Sossamon (upcoming series “Wayward Pines”, “Mistresses (US TV series)”), Jaden Klein (“Mother’s Milk”, “Boss”), Lucas Jade Zumann (upcoming series “Sense8”), Laila Haley, and James Ransone (upcoming “Tangerine”, “Cymmbeline”).

The film was directed by Ciaran Foy (“Citadel”, “Scumbot (Short 2007)”) and written by Scott Derrickson (“Deliver Us From Evil”, “Devil’s Knot”), and C. Robert Cargill (“As They Continue to Fall (Short 2014)”, “Sinister”).

The film is expected to hit theaters on Aug. 21, 2015.

So many trailers! On some days you get one, maybe two, or none. Today, there’s just one after the other! I should mention that “today” means when I initially wrote this. Anyway, it’s been a pretty exciting day for all things upcoming.

On to the main things you came to read about!

There will at least be some slight reference to the previous film, which is good. Usually this kind of detail gets skipped over in the timeline of events in a film series. This certainly explains why Ransone appears to have a much bigger role. I’m just hoping tht the execution of this story direction goes well. I’ll explain…

This film is expanding the previous film’s mythology which could easily sink this film. It could go either way. Horror films aren’t really served well when they expand the mythology. While it’s needed, especially if you want to be a viable film series, you must tread carefully, or end up being remembered only for a failed attempt at expanding the film’s mythology. As we can see from the trailer Ransone has done some digging since discovering the deaths of the family he encountered in the original film. It, I guess, leads to Sossamon and what is soon to be her troubles. However, when I watched this trailer the first and second times, something just didn’t sit right. The way in which the entity, Bughuul gets the children and kills the family. I haven’t seen the film in some time (do I even own it?) but I don’t think that explains why I feel like this is off and/or being changed. It may not matter much as, again, it’s the next logical step in order to do a sequel and even begin thinking about more sequels.

If all goes well with this expanded mythology and the general story, this film could be one creepy and scary film. I’m excited because the first one did in fact surprise me. When seeing the trailer the first time I didn’t go in expecting anything. So, rightly so, I was actually a bit scared. I think I jumped at one moment, which could be bad when seeing the final film later on. This, as with horror in general, is why I get excited about some films. If I can be scared or made anxious by a two and a half minute trailer, then there’s a lot of hope for the film itself. I hope I’m right about this one.

Will I see this in theaters? It’s too early to tell. I can say that I will see this at some point. I guess I just wish this year didn’t have so many other exciting films coming out that should be seen in theaters, original or sequels. Time, as is usually the case, will tell. Perhaps even, come August, I’ll be tired of hearing about this film or less excited for horror films as we’ll have had so many others that are flat out bad. Okay, who am I kidding? I’ll totally be excited for this film!

Just because I can, the first poster for the upcoming sequel!! Creepy as hell!


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