Reentering the Game

Originally I wasn’t going to write anything about this topic. First there’s the fact that I don’t write about season premiers. Second, I watched the premier when I thought I was going to wait for almost two and a half months and then watch the season. Guess that didn’t happen. And now we’re here.

I won’t bore you with how this post won’t be at all what your expecting it to be. It just can’t be. I mainly don’t want to make a big to-do about it, especially when I did that last year.

You can read (or reread) my two part rant called “Giving Up the Game” which basically lays it all out. Part I and Part II.

While I may have written on the topic of uber popular series “Game of Thrones” before, it still seemed necessary to say something else. I’m thinking it’s just (clearly) because the season five premier was last night and it seemed the obvious next step.

First thing to note, I wasn’t excited about the premier. More importantly, I almost forgot all about it. I was just enjoying the day and it slipped away from me. I still don’t fully know how I remembered it was on last night.

Next thing I know, I’m getting around to watching it, and oh! did I make a mistake. My mind flashed back to the two parter and I knew I needed to reread it. After seeing the episode, which was meh at best, I took time to read what I’d written some time ago.

As I read, I discovered that my points were still in line with how I felt during the premier. This in turn explains why I wasn’t blown away by it. It also has me wondering, once more, why am I still this show? Or, just as important, why am I watching it now?

I’m perfectly capable and willing to wait to watch the episodes in one big binge marathon. I know it works well, as I did this with a digital copy of the fifth season of “Downton Abbey”, that my mom had and gave to me. Also, it allows you to finish pretty quickly.
I guess, for now, I can try and keep up. However, if I fall behind by even one episode, I’m sidelining it for the remainder of the season.


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