At First Glance: “True Detective” Season Two

The good thing about getting a first trailer for anything is just that, you get a first trailer. If it’s a teaser, it can be really exciting, irritating, or even, both. When it comes to an upcoming season of a wildly popular and successful series, there’s always an even bigger chance it could be both.

The upcoming season of the HBO series “True Detective”, screams intense, but that’s just based on nothing more than intense looking characters.

This mystery thriller stars Colin Farrell (“Miss Julie”, “Winter’s Tale”), Vince Vaughn (“Unfinished Business”, “Delivery Man”), Rachel McAdams (upcoming films “Aloha”, “Southpaw”), Taylor Kitsch (“The Normal Heart”, “Lone Survivor”), and Kelly Reilly (“Black Box”, “Calvary”).

The series was created by Nic Pizzolatto (“True Detective”, “The Killing”).

It began airing on HBO on Jan. 12, 2014 with season two slated to begin on June 21, 2015 on HBO.

As stated already, this is a teaser. It really is. There’s footage of the characters, with a lot of questions as to who each one is and how they’ll interact together, but that’s it. Oh, and there’s lots of staring. Lots of staring. If they stare anymore their faces may freeze that way or one of them will be turned to stone. This makes the teaser irritating and exciting all at once, which I must say rarely happens to me.

Since there’s nothing really to go off of, I’ll just take a stab at how I feel each actor looks in the newly released footage.

Seeing Vaughn in this teaser is still doing nothing for me. It’s certainly not reassuring me that he was a smart choice when it comes to casting. I want to say he looks out of place, but he doesn’t really. He just looks wrong for the role. I blame this mostly on, as I’m sure many will agree or can understand, the bulk of his film choices for the last 10 to 15 years.

Farrell, well, he looks like himself. I have no problem with his casting, as we know he can do a range of roles in various genres, even if the film’s an indie and was probably not seen by many people. The mustache he’s sporting will certainly make him interesting to watch, and could easily become the most annoying thing about him.

McAdams, has also done a nice variety of roles, but some are hit or miss. That being said, I’m excited to see her on TV. Okay, I’m a bit biased, as I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve seen of hers. Anyway, the bigger question becomes, what kind of cop is she going to be playing? She seems to be playing an in charge, tough, almost cliched female cop role. If her character goes only that far, she’ll be wasted. So, hopefully there’s a lot more to her than this.

As with Vaughn, Kitsch has not got a stellar record. The only great thing to his credit was his long term stint on “Friday Night Lights”. As this was a drama series, I’m confident enough that he’ll be able to handle the material given to him and make the character interesting, if not completely polarizing.

Lastly there’s Reilly, who is somewhat of an unknown to American audiences. The last thing she did TV wise was “Black Box”, of which I saw one episode and disliked it, and then the show was cancelled later. From the brief look at her character, she looks fine in the show. But, who is she? A girlfriend or wife to one of the characters? I haven’t looked too far into who each one is playing so I have no clue. Hopefully the chemistry is good and makes her casting worth it in the end.

The one big upside to this season, as with the first, is that Pazzolatto is writing the episodes. Consistency and tone, as well as the kind of story he wants told, will be delivered. No coordinating with multiple writers, many of whom would write somewhat differently, to deal with.

For a teaser that doesn’t deliver much, there’s at least a bit of hope. I guess, if that’s all that’s being offered, it’s better than nothing. I just can’t understand how I was so surprised by something that seemed so obvious. Every other studio for film and television is following this trend, so it only makes sense. Here’s to hoping the trailer (probably released early to mid-May) is worth the wait of an additional few weeks.


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