10 Years: “The Interpreter”

Some films grab you from the moment you first watch them. Hopefully you like the film well enough, but occasionally you don’t. For the ones you like, or truly love, you’re bound to watch it many more times over many more years. It’s because of this that an interesting dynamic can be added to any future viewing of any given film. Continue reading


TV Movie: “Lake Placid vs Anaconda”

When you love bad made-for-TV movies, especially those on a certain network, it’s hard to be seriously let down by the final product. You go in expecting crap, and sure enough, what you got was crap. All the makings of a bad film. However, with some recent surprise successes, the expectations are no longer the same. You expect to have a film that’s so bad it’s good. One you can’t help but want to watch again and again, not to mention own! Continue reading

At First Glance: “Grace and Frankie”

With so many shows coming out at you at any one time it’s hard to know what to pick and watch, or even just try out. With streaming services making a big play, it only adds to the chaos. It then comes down to which of the many new shows, made available all at once, are actually good and worth your time? Of course you need to factor in what else you could possibly be binge-watching. Continue reading

Pilot: “Wayward Pines”

   We’ve seen this before. Weird places. Weird people. Strange mystery. Some have truly been engrossing and worth it, beyond just being fun, and others, less so. It’s what makes this show exciting but at the same time one you may need to be cautious about, as more likely than not, it won’t prove all that good in any capacity. Continue reading

10 Years: “The Amityville Horror (2005)”

Even though you know the film you’re going to watch, a remake, sucked the first time and will probably suck this time, there’s somehow some hope that it won’t. This kind of optimism should seriously be banned. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “Selena” A 20th Anniversary Special

Film, for better or for worse, is great at being able to pull back a curtain on the lives of well known people, be they dead or alive. Some are more effective at conveying the many nuances of any subjects life, and usually, we are better served by this. Continue reading