On Second Thought: “Leprechaun”

Another holiday, another holiday themed movie. This one, like so many (although much worse) is bad. But, like all the others, it’s particularly special because of how bad it is. Or, at least, that’s what I keep telling myself every time I decide to sit down and watch it.

The Lionsgate and Trimark Pictures film “Leprechaun”, is one of those so bad it’s good films, but not for the whole film itself.

This horror comedy (ha!) stars Warwick Davis (“Get Santa”, “Saint Bernard”), Jennifer Aniston (“Horrible Bosses 2”, “Cake”), Ken Olandt (“See Dad Run”, “Dark Power”), Mark Holton (“The Thirst: Blood War”, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”), Robert Gorman (“Drop Dead Diva”, “All for Liberty”), Shay Duffin (“Beowulf”, “Seabiscuit”), John Voldstad (“Tyrants in Therapy”, “Falling Like This”), and John Sanderford (“The Bridge (U.S. TV series)”, “Enlightened”).

The film was written and directed by Mark Jones (“Scorned”, “Triloquist”).

The film originally opened on Jan. 8, 1993 (What? Dumb.)

Keeping with tradition, as of this year mostly, I knew that this day wouldn’t be complete without a viewing of the wonderfully bad film “Leprechaun”! I was at first afraid because the previous day I’d discovered Amazon Prime no longer had the film. Then, by chance, I checked and saw that Netflix was a proud rights holder to this awesome ‘90s film! My day was made!! However, it was certainly a weird 92 minutes.

This film is billed as a horror comedy and it’s not. It’s more amusing, of which I’ll cover that aspect in a bit.

There’s nothing remotely interesting about any character, so the idea that there’s possibly character development isn’t one worth entertaining beyond now.

It’s really sad, that a movie that’s this entertaining and bad can’t have characters you enjoy seeing. For me, I was reminded of this fact that the only one worth watching is Davis (the titular leprechaun). Aniston is too annoying, but more so than the other three main characters. It’s unlike with the characters from the “Sharknado” films, which somehow are more interesting than these four. I think the ancient, what Aniston called, “portable” phone featured was far more interesting than any of the characters. It was red!

What also makes this worse, character wise, is that they’re pretty freaking stupid. Apparently, after being attacked and injured by Davis, the thing to do is head inside first. Of course, then out of Aniston’s mouth is the fact that they need to get to the pickup and seek medical help. It’s weird, since any other fictional character or person alive, would’ve done this first. Were they afraid of making a mess?

What has never helped this film is the fact that this is supposed to be a horror comedy, but is really neither. Not even close. The film was completely full of horror clichés. Not overly surprising, especially if you look a the rest of the films, which are actually worse than this one. Somehow these horror tropes, which were probably all used, were still some what entertaining.

As noted above, this film was more amusing than anything. This primarily is because of Warwick’s crazy hijinks and just being a gold obsessed leprechaun. I’ve seen the others, and would probably welcome the chance to see them again, and I’ve thought on it and the only reason I enjoyed them (mostly) is because of Davis. The rhyming! The rhyming!!

When we really start to see how ridiculous he, and the film are, is when he says to a character, “Catch me if you can!” As he says this he begins to run down the hallway with his hands waving in the air. Silly, silly fun! Then there’s other moments, which like so many, don’t make any sense, where he’s riding around in tiny things that transport him from place to place. He’s on a tricycle and later a tiny car of some sort. These moments are quite funny, to me, but for many, probably just amusing. It’s what makes him an awesome crazy killer. A moment, which I think I forgot because it happened so fast, was when he was taunting Aniston and everyone else. He just disappeared and reappeared everywhere. One place was the chimney. He slides down the chimney and says, “Ho ho ho. I’m right here, and I ain’t no Santa Clause.” Great stuff!

Even though this film doesn’t really contain a lot to love, like other bad or B horror movies, I’m perfectly okay with watching if only for Davis. He, much like Robert Englund in the later “Nightmare on Elm Street” films, is just incredibly ridiculous and amazing to watch because of the antics. Some have said it’s what made the films bad, but I think it’s what redeems them as they’re not really worth watching otherwise.

And just because it came out today, why not an awesome Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies?!?!!


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