Meathead March – A Few Good Men (1992) – Past Present Future TV and Film

Three in a row! That’s what happens when the subject interests me! Thanks, MovieRob! This was even more exciting to watch and review as I was watching from an old VHS (gotta love thrift stores!) and the whole experience had a completely different feel. It was definitely worth the time! Happy reading!

meathead march blogathon For the next review today of A Few Good Men (1992), take a look at what Steven of Past Present Future TV and Film has to say about it.

Thanks Steven!


IMG_5117Few films that are so well known, for various reasons, are able to be just as exciting, engrossing, and entertaining as the first time you saw them. More likely than not it’s because you are able to remember every detail of the film, and nothing can really come at you and surprise you the way it did before.

The Columbia Pictures film “A Few Good Men”, has done something that rarely happens when watching a film again. It kept me glued on the action, dreading the outcome, solely on the off chance it doesn’t turn out the way I hoped.

This legal drama stars Tom Cruise (upcoming “Mission: Impossible 5”, “Edge of Tomorrow”), Jack Nicholson (“How Do You Know”…

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