Pilot: “Younger”

Oh, comedy. What would we do without you? I don’t know, but I’m sure it’d be more interesting than watching half the crap that comes out called “comedy”.

The upcoming TV Land series “Younger”, is at the very least a highly entertaining comedy that seems to chooses smart and clever writing over tired out tropes.

This comedy series stars Sutton Foster (“The Angriest Man in Brooklyn”, “Bunheads”), Debi Mazar (upcoming “She’s Funny That Way”, “Return to Babylon”), Nico Tortorella (“The Following”, “Odd Thomas”), Miriam Shor (“The Mysteries of Laura”, “The Good Wife”), and Hilary Duff (“Wings: Sky Force Heroes”, “Raising Hope”).

The series was developed for television by Darren Star (“Miss Match”, “Sex and the City). It is based on the book of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran.

The series is expected to debut on TV Land on March 31, 2015.

I am finally doing it. I am making the leap to TV Land. That sounds weird to say. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Okay, not really. I never thought I’d be watching a show on TV Land. I think, in this case, I’ll be okay with that. Also, because I’m a kind person, and already putting this show out there, I’ll go one step further. It’s currently available for free on Amazon! I was surprised, but super excited! The end of March is just too far away. And if that isn’t a reason to see this show early, I don’t know what is. Perhaps you just don’t like free or early released things.

I was pleasantly surprised. This show has some funny, funny stuff going for it. It’s primarily through the dialogue and the characters, but somehow it felt refreshing. The quick answer here, as I felt like there wasn’t anything, directly obvious, that was annoying, terrible, or flat out bad about this pilot episode, is I’m officially on board!. Which also makes this terribly annoying, as I am excited to watch the next few episodes. Seriously, the promotional photo below seems to capture the kind of energy and relationships these people have in this show already. That and I really wanted to use it.

The only thing I do miss, which really isn’t going to be a major negative that stops me from watching, is the really fast paced delivery of the dialogue that was present in “Bunheads”. Yeah, FYI, there may be a few references to “Bunheads”, which makes sense since that was my first bit of exposure to Foster. It’s partly why I’m watching this, okay it’s the sole reason I’m watching this (not really). The rest of the cast is perfect! They work well off each other, and this really surprises me, Duff doesn’t annoy me. Anyway, I get that this is two different shows created by two different people, but it’s what made Foster so fascinating for me as an actor. On the upside, there did seem to be some moments of speedier delivery than most shows, which will suffice, but still not uber fast.

While it’s funny to hear and see this woman out of touch with what’s popular today, it’s a bit too ridiculous. There are plenty of 40-somethings that know all this new tech and what not. It’s like Foster’s character got married, had a kid, and actually went to live under a rock, not the suburbs. Strangely, I think it’s something that I can look past. Okay, it’s solely because it’s Foster and she was amazing in “Bunheads”.

Upon further thought, maybe this show will get annoying after all. If Star, and the rest of the writers, throw in so many obnoxious references to social media, having characters saying out loud “hashtag” and using words like “totes”, I might cry a massive puddle that turns into a lake and drowns me. Ugh. The only hope, as I feel can be seen from the pilot, is that this is a charming and relatively easy show to watch. Sure the main plot point isn’t original, but it’s something I could see being well worth it, once it finds a clear direction.

I don’t watch a lot of comedies. They’re not funny, or too irritating because of the type of comedy that’s being used. First it was the cast that was drawing me in, but after watching it for 21 minutes, and laughing continuously, I’m ready for more of this type of comedy.

For those that are intrigued and want more:


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