Recently: “It Follows”

  With the horror genre so tired out, it’s tough to expect anything genuinely good or remotely interesting coming out of any studio. However, once in a blue moon, and I think we’ve reached our limit so far in the past year, a really good horror film comes along that not only has you excited for its release, but actually succeeds in doing what it set out to do. Continue reading


Pilot: “Bloodline”

  Family drama. Everybody has it. As the center of a TV series it usually needs to be really interesting. However, if the execution within it’s first episode seems to be off and tells you so much about how the rest of the series will roll out, it may be a dire sign of other things to come. Continue reading

Catching Up: “Eraserhead”

Film’s that are abstract and weirder than usual are expected, and usually quite welcome. It shows a certain level of creativity, which can sometimes be overlooked when only the same type of films are constantly made. However, there comes a moment when abstract and unusual is too much. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “Leprechaun”

Another holiday, another holiday themed movie. This one, like so many (although much worse) is bad. But, like all the others, it’s particularly special because of how bad it is. Or, at least, that’s what I keep telling myself every time I decide to sit down and watch it.

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Meathead March – The American President (1995) – Past Present Future TV and Film

It is said that all good things must come to an end. It is with a heavy heart that this must be my last entry in MpvieRob’s Meathead March Blogathon. : ( I couldn’t help but do this many, but am so glad I did! A fun, fun challenge!! Thanks again for such a great topic! I’m sure there will be more from me in the months to come!

meathead march blogathonFor today’s next review of The American President (1995), here’s yet another review by                              Steven of Past Present Future TV and Film

Thanks again Steven!


IMG_5115Politics and comedy. Strange bedfellows indeed. Throw in romance and drama, and you’ve got yourself what seems like one strange film. Is it possible to have a film be all these things at once, and still be good?

The Warner Bros. Pictures film “The American President”, certainly aims to achieve this in a completely compelling and original manner.

This romantic comedy stars Michael Douglas (upcoming “Beyond the Reach”, “And So It Goes”), Annette Bening (upcoming “Danny Collins”, “The Search”), Martin Sheen (upcoming “Grace and Frankie”, “Selma”), David Paymer (“The Good Wife”, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”), Samantha Mathis (“The Good Wife”, “Law & Order: SVU”), “John Mahoney (“Foyle’s War”, “Hot in Cleveland”), Anna Deavere Smith (“Nurse Jackie”, “Rachel Getting Married”), Nina Siemaszko (“Monday Mornings”, “The…

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10 Years: “Hostage”

An action thriller, or thriller in general, needs not only a good and suspenseful story, but interesting people. Without this, you’ve got just another film that looks vaguely like all the other thrillers or action thrillers you’ve already seen. Continue reading