At First Glance: “iZombie”

It took long enough but the now, sort of legitimate network The CW (Thanks to Golden Globe winner, Gina Rodriguez), has finally released the first trailer for one of it’s two upcoming new series!

Okay, actually it was a few days ago, but I’m slow. Sue me.

The upcoming comic book adaptation series “iZombie”, may be about a somewhat tiresome genre subject, but it’s adding a fresh new layer.

The upcoming comedy-drama series stars Rose McIver (“Petals on the Wind”, “Masters of Sex”), David Anders (“Once Upon a Time”, “The Vampire Diaries”), Malcolm Goodwin (“True Blood”, “House of Cards”),Rahul Kohli (“I’ll Be Home Soon (Short 2014)”, “EastEnders”), and Robert Buckley (“Play It Again, Dick”, “Hart of Dixie”).

The series is created by Rob Thomas (“Play It Again, Dick”, “Veronica Mars”) and Diane Ruggiero (“Veronica Mars”, “Free Agents”). It is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.

The series is expected to premier on March 17, 2015. Why such a long time? Oh, yeah, it’s another network juggling too many shows! Got it.

So, first and foremost, this is the first series created by Thomas since “Party Down” and he’s also the man, as the trailer says, behind “Veronica Mars”! What’s not to love? If you weren’t excited by the “Veronica Mars” bit, there’s no hope for you.

This, for me, is truly enough reason to see it. Seeing a trailer wasn’t really needed, but it informs me more, as I know nothing of this comic book.

Next, on why this looks fun, can’t say if it’ll be good, is that Anders is going to be in it. I’ve been oddly fortunate, to be watching things he’s popped up in. Some I chose to watch because he was in it, like the 2009 remake of “Children of the Corn”, but I haven’t been letdown yet. He’s played some fun and memorable characters in the past.

As far as the trailer goes, simply put, I am intrigued. Again, I can’t say whether or not this will be good, but it does deserve at least one go around.

The area that will make this show work, is in the characters, specifically McIver’s and Ander’s characters. Well, I think Ander’s. Guess I gotta watch.

Now, I know that sounds silly and obvious, but I’m being serious. The zombie thing’s great, but beyond that the only thing this show has going for it (sort of), is that it’s a medical/police procedural. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

That might not be interesting enough, so it’s down to the central character. And that’s what’s going to sell you on watching the show week after week. Sure, if you like medical shows or police procedurals, you’ll be fine. However, if you don’t like the characters, even a little bit, how are you supposed to watch each week?

I can say that McIver already looks like the newest fictional character you wish were real, mainly because she’d make for a great friend. Also, the fact that she’s not that bore over on the American Broadcasting Company’s (ABC) “Forever”, and that already makes this a better show.

There’s sadly and greatly, a lot to expect from this show. If Thomas, from a critics standpoint, hadn’t created a great heroine in Veronica Mars, then we’d only be looking at another show for The CW, that’s bound to fail. We could probably care less, much like people in a few weeks will care less when “Jane the Virgin” returns to the airwaves. We also, I mean fans of Thomas, wouldn’t be this excited for what he’s created next. It helps that this is going to be on a broadcast network, so it’s more accessible than that of “Party Down”. As I noted above, the worst part now is, this doesn’t debut until the middle of March. Ugh!! Hang in there people. I think we can make it.


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