Recently: “Fun Size”

IMG_0375.JPGTeen comedies and comedies in general, seem to enjoy sticking to a specific formula. Sometimes, even sticking to the formula, you can forgive the film, but that’s mainly because it was clever enough or done well where this doesn’t matter. Other times, the formula is so obvious that even if you enjoy the film’s comedy, you know it’s a bad film.

The Paramount Pictures film “ Fun Size”, was silly, childish fun, but offered nothing new for those seeking out an intelligent comedy.

This comedy film stars Victoria Justice (upcoming “Eye Candy”, “Victorious”), Jane Levy (“About Alex”, “Evil Dead”), Thomas Mann (“Beautiful Creatures”, “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”), Thomas McDonell (“The 100”, “Life After Beth”), Chelsea Handler (“The Comeback”, “Call Me Crazy: A Five Film”), Jackson Nicoll (“Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa”, “What’s Your Number?”), Osric Chau (“Supernatural”, “The 100”), and Josh Pence (“Draft Day”, “Gangster Squad”).

The film was directed by Josh Schwartz and written by Max Werner (“The Colbert Report”, “The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”).

The film opened on Oct. 26, 2012.

I may not hold out much hope for comedies, but there are times when I’m absolutely willing to sit down and watch something stupid. This comedy, while there were some laughs, didn’t provide all that much intelligent material, so it only suffers from being just like every other teen comedy movie.

Of all the things to surprise me about this film, the fact that it’s a Nickelodeon production does the trick. It’s surprising for the same reason critics found it as such. The humor and language was too adult for something you’d expect to really be accessible to all children. While I may have been surprised, it was, however, the only thing that made this film worth watching to me. I knew it was going to be silly, stupid even, but the rather mature content helped me to enjoy the film more. I could actually laugh at something, even if it’s the usual type of sexual joke, or gross out joke you’ve seen time and again. I mean, how could I not laugh at the broken chicken that begins humping the car that backed up into and broke it in the first place?

That being said, this film was pretty much about hijinks and a little mayhem. It’s Halloween night and Justice loses her kid brother. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, as it turns out. Strangely, this is where a lot of the fun was had. Childish fun, but fun none the less. This fun, however, was coming in the form of overused, cliché comedy tropes. Each one seemed more unbearable than the last, but only because this film was fun, did it not overshadow the whole experience.

Within this fun, I was able to enjoy the majority of the characters. None stood out as being all that likable, but never really one I could dislike.

Justice was immediately likable. It could be, that of everyone, she had the biggest backstory given. It was sad to learn, but allowed her to be a sympathetic character. She was also written and portrayed, as being a very smart person. It’s not something you get from teen comedies, or comedies with a target audience of young adults.

My personal favorite was Levy’s character. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but there was something about her snark, attitude, and selfishness that was fun. She wasn’t simply some stupid character there for laughs, but more just one that cared little for the same things as her friends. She certainly had many standout moments that seemed genuinely funny. My favorite, and this could be that it was gross, was when, for whatever reason, Levy’s character had a major gas attack. So much so, that the cat sitting on the couch practically died. All the faces it was making just cracked me up! I really need to steer clear of these types of films.

While Nicoll’s character is adorable as the eight year old brother, you couldn’t like him all that much. He makes the hijinks fun, as he’s the cause of most of it, and looks cute when interacting with the other random characters on his solo trip, but beyond that, he’s just irritating. The biggest weakness to a film, under any other production company, could’ve come close to succeeding.

Just because I absolutely love her, more often than not, I’m giving credit to Handler. She nailed every bit of dialogue and funny moment needed from her character. However, as she’s not really an actress, or just out of practice, I see that being the biggest issue she brought to the film. You can spot it instantly, but somehow it’s excusable. That could also be that there’s plenty else that’s bad about the film, that her inclusion barely registers.

Even though this is flat out a stupid comedy, I’ve never been entertained like this before. I felt that when comedic moments did come, I wasn’t trying to convince myself that something needed a laugh or that it was okay to laugh at it. I did it, and was fine. Sure I don’t expect to run out and purchase this film, but I can say I’ve seen it and enjoyed it for what it was.


One thought on “Recently: “Fun Size”

  1. Nice that you enjoyed this one so much! All I remember about this movie is that it was one of the first dates at a drive-in with my girlfriend when we watched it. I don’t remember much about the actual movie though haha.

    I’m glad that you enjoyed it!


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