Another First Glance: “A Most Violent Year”

The greatest thing about a second trailer isn’t that you get another one, but that it could be your first real glimpse at what is sure to be an amazing film.

The upcoming A24 Films film “A Most Violent Year”, provides just that and so much more. I’d heard whispers of good things about this film, but now I’m certain this film will be amazing!

This drama film stars Oscar Isaac (“The Two Faces of January”, “In Secret”), Jessica Chastain (“The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them”, upcoming “Miss Julie”), Alessandro Nivola (“American Hustle”, “Devil’s Knot”), David Oyelowo (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”, “Jack Reacher”), Albert Brooks (“This is 40”, “Drive”), and Catalina Sandino Moreno (“At the Devil’s Door”, “The Bridge”).

This film is written and directed by J.C. Chandor (“All is Lost”, “Margin Call”).

The film is expected to be released on Dec. 31, 2014.

Okay, getting right to it… this film’s trailer has me over the moon! And it’s not just because of the whole idea of how this will impact awards season, you know that favorite time of year for film lovers. It’s simply that this film looks incredible on so many levels!

First there’s Chastain, who in the first trailer you didn’t really see much of her, or hear a lot from, and thus couldn’t really form an idea on what type of person she’d be playing. This trailer greatly expands on how formidable a person she’s going to be, all the while looking well put together in expensive clothes and waving around her hands with the nails looking all manicured. The trailer opens with a great moment for me, and kind of made me afraid of her. There are several dramatic and emotional scenes between her and Isaac as well that look incredibly honest and go a long way to showing what their relationship, and chemistry, will be like in the film.

Then there’s Isaac, who is even more frightening than Chastain, in a good way. His role requires him to be a tough and ruthless business man. That is clearly shown, which is only have of the reason to love his character. Watching him be powerful and fearsome is fun, but it’s his family that oddly sells this character. The few quick moments he shares with Chastain shows just how much he loves his wife, and how instrumental she is in his business. I already feel like a got a lot of knowledge on them from this.

Something I noticed this time around, which I don’t feel I did before, is how much it reminds me of “The Godfather”. By this I mean it’s tone through the editing process and what not. It’s got such a specific color scheme (or something) going, that you’re really immersed in a different world. It also, I believe, will help sell the feel of 1981, and provide another layer to what is already going to be one big crime drama. It isn’t always about locations and set decorations or costume design that makes a movie great.

Lastly, as a special note, the use of music in the trailer. The trailer uses some of the Marvin Gaye song “Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)”, and it’s effective. Somehow, I felt that every was elevated to a different level. It makes everything more dramatic and probably says more about the film, and what kind of tone and feel to expect. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but I was surprised by its inclusion, but I feel we are better served by it.


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