Pilot: “Marry Me”

IMG_1602.JPGSometimes a series will surprise you. No, not because you realize it’s terrible in every way, but because it actually appears that it could end up being a smart and well done one, one that deserves to be on TV.

The new National Broadcasting Company (NBC) comedy “Marry Me”, actually has me excited for what comes next, and has me hoping that the numbers are with the show week after week.

The comedy series stars Casey Wilson (“Gone Girl”, “The Hotwives of Orlando”), Ken Marino (“Bad Teacher (2014 TV Series)”, “Veronica Mars”), John Gemberling (“Broad City”, “Super Fun Night”), Sarah Wright Olsen (“Mixology”, “Walk of Shame”), Tymberlee Hill (“The Hotwives of Orlando”, “Drunk History”), and Tim Meadows (“Bob’s Burgers”, “Suburgatory”).

The series was created by David Caspe (“Happy Endings”, “That’s My Boy”).

The series premiered on NBC on Oct. 14, 2014.

The chemistry between Wilson and Marino is really the high point of the series, which is good, as it’s supposed to be. After the teaser I was instantly hooked. I wanted to see how this episode ended and resolved things. One scene, in the form of a flashback, which I thought was done well was when they first met. They were both at a Mexican food place and Marino just started talking to her. Things go on and there’s a bit of clever banter back and forth that leads to Wilson asking if she’s a horrible person. I didn’t feel like any of it was forced, over the top or stupid. I thin it was genuinely funny. There were several instances which seemed just like this, and not only between Wilson and Marino, but many of the other cast members and guest stars. I’ll need a few more episodes before I make my final ruling.

One area I thought was incredibly interesting was the opening theme. This one, since there aren’t many shows using them these days, was clever and very informative. The two leads are shown doing many things, presumably, over the last six years. Not only is the opening montage quite funny and well done, I’m able to get enough information about them, that I can love these two even more.

The worst thing about this episode, which also lends itself well too being one of the best things about this episode, was that in all of Wilson’s ranting and raving about not being proposed to, she never turns around. At first, it was cute, but then it became irritating. Who on earth would have an argument, or deliver a lengthy monologue (which hers wasn’t, but it was close enough) and not turn around? If someone really could do that, I’d be impressed. I get what Caspe was doing, and it was incredibly amusing, but just flat out unnecessary. Guess he should’ve worked on that a bit more.

This Fall season it seems like a rarity that a comedy series will not use a narrator or voiceover, and can manage to be funny through actual writing and acting. Originally I had no intentions of seeing this series, and then NBC just promoted the show like crazy, which further made me dislike it. Seriously, why do studios (film and television) think that showing the funny or scary moments of something, over and over, is a good idea? You’re bound to just tire out the exact people you want as your audience. Fortunately, and this has been one of the best things to come out of free things on iTunes, I actually want to keep watching. Here’s to hoping it actually remains funny, as comedies rarely do that well on a consistent basis.


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