Pilot: “Mulaney”

IMG_0327.PNGThere’s good comedy and then there’s bad comedy. Then, at times, there’s comedy that is stuck between the two, waiting to be chosen for a specific side.

The new Fox show “Mulaney”*, had laughs, but why was that? I haven’t the foggiest idea.

This comedy series stars John Mulaney (“Kroll Show”, “Ugly Americans”), Nasim Pedrad (“Cooties”, “Saturday Night LIve”), Seaton Smith (“Pancake Mountain”), Zack Pearlman (“DreamWorks Dragons”, “Key and Peele”), Elliott Gould (“Ray Donovan”, “Back in the Game”), and Martin Short (“Working the Engels”, “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return”).

The series was created by Mulaney (“Saturday Night Live”, “Important Things with Demetri Martin”).

It premiered on Oct. 5, 2014 on Fox.

With so many comedies that debut during any Fall season, it’s hard to figure out which ones are really good, sort of good, and that’s it. The bad ones you can spot a mile away. It’s difficult, at times, for me, as I’ll laugh at just about anything.

With this show, of which I didn’t really know much about, I was surprised. I found myself laughing quit a bit, and that’s usually an indicator of a funny show, or at least one I want to stick with for awhile. There were some flat jokes, but the rest of the episode was able to make up for those.

I liked Pedrad, oddly enough, even if her self involved character is somewhat annoying. I feel that this is due to the fact that she can deliver the lines, funny or not, pretty well. She knows how to get a laugh from someone. Even back on SNL, where she was one of the only cast members I found funny, she could be funny in anything, as long as the material was good.

Mulaney, on the other hand, I’m only now being exposed to his brand of comedy, and thus, can’t fully decide if I think he’s funny, let alone capable of acting. The perk of his character, is that he seems to by one for dry humor and wit. It’s a brand of comedy that’s hard to pull off, but here it could work. However, his character also, maybe because of this style of comedy, may in fact be a little lifeless.

Short is simply eccentric. This could be a very good thing, depending on how his character grows and how the comedy comes out, or just be irritating. As of now, Short and Mulaney work off each other really well, as they’re two very different types of people, and have contrasting characters.

I’m not trusting of comedy, as a lot of it is not funny, in the slightest, but I’m still a fan of it for the most part. I don’t get excited about comedy films or tv shows, as a general rule, but every now and then I’m surprised by what’s created. Here, I feel like that may be the case. Since this show is on Fox, and the network isn’t really a great judge of what should be on the air, I won’t hold my breath for good things to befall this show. I will, however, stick with it for as long as it’s on the air, unless, like “New Girl” or later seasons of “The Office” I find it too painful to sit through, no matter what anyone says.

*Note: As I’m finishing this up, the second episode, which served as a reminder for this, is playing… things aren’t going well.


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