Pilot: “Stalker”

IMG_0316.JPGThe police procedural has been around for a long time and some have been good, others bad. But the ones that seem to stand out the most are the truly creepy, disturbing and sometimes unsettling in content.

With the new series “Stalker”, the creep factor for nighttime television has certainly gone up, and if things play in this shows favor, things will stay that way for some time.

This police procedural thriller stars Maggie Q (“Divergent”, “Nikita”), Dylan McDermott (“Hostages”, “Olympus Has Fallen”), Mariana Klaveno (“Devious Maids”, “True Blood”), Victor Rasuk (“Godzilla”, “Jobs”), and Elisabeth Röhm (“Beauty and the Beast (TV series)”, “American Hustle”).

The series was created by Kevin Williamson (“The Following”, “The Vampire Diaries”).

The series premiered on CBS on Oct. 1, 2014.

For a police procedural with a focus, this is certainly a different way of approaching things. While it’s not completely the first dark and disturbing show to come out, especially since its lead out is “Criminal Minds”, it’s definitely quite fresh. I’m going to admit that I’m really biased as I’ve pretty much enjoyed everything that I’ve seen of Williamson’s. So there was a high level of expectation and I was pretty optimistic for the way the pilot would turn out.

With that said, I’m pretty confident in this shows success. The opening was phenomenal, unless a violent start isn’t your cup of tea. But when you look at his most recent show, “The Following”, it’s quite tame and a natural fit for Williamson. That, and parking garages and cell phones. Gotta love technology.

After this, we’re introduced to Q’s character and shortly after McDermott’s. I instantly liked them, partly from the clever script that was created by Williamson. This will be the main thing that helps make this show. With it being strictly police procedural and case of the week, unlike “The Following”, the development and likability of the lead actors will be the most important aspect. I felt that, in just one hour, there had already been so much revealed, whether you liked it or not, about where the characters are, so there’s promise. For McDermott, he’s definitely capable of pulling off creepy, intentionally or not, and being an intelligent cop. Q, of course, is tough, but also able too be vulnerable. If this show explores different dynamics of cases, and how they affect the detectives, this should be interesting to watch and see how they handle themselves.

This pilot is harder to judge because there’s been no major mysteries set up, no crazy mythology or anything like that to ponder on if it can last. It’s straight investigations and character driven stories, which is compelling enough. Because of this, I’m willing to stick around a bit more. Look at “Criminal Minds” for instance and a lot of the character driven stories and backstory usage. There’s also a lot of team work and friendship as they investigate depraved crimes, and I feel that this will be present on “Stalker” as well.

As this show is about stalking, and there’s so many aspects and specific ways to stalk or be stalked, I feel there will be a lot of interesting and creepy stories. I’m willing to stick around for that, and a chance too watch Q and McDermott on a weekly basis!


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