Recently: “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

IMG_0329-0.JPGSequels don’t just suck because they’re usually worse than the first film, but because the majority of them aren’t needed at all. Some studios and producers and directors (anyone involved in the film) just don’t know when to quit.

The Paramount Pictures film “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, is yet another shining example of everything that is wrong the film industry. Okay, one major aspect of what is wrong with the industry.

This science-fiction action film stars Mark Wahlberg (upcoming “The Gambler”, “Lone Survivor”), Stanley Tucci (upcoming “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I”, “BoJack Horseman”), Kelsey Grammer (“Partners”, “The Expendables 3”), Nicola Peltz (“Affluenza”, “Bates Motel”), Jack Reynor (“Delivery Man”, “Cold”), Titus Welliver (“The Last Ship”, “Borsch”), Sophia Myles (“Crossing Lines”, “The Damned”), Bingbing Li (“Resident Evil: Retribution”, “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”), and T.J. Miller (“Silicon Valley”, “How to Train Your Dragon 2”).

The film is directed by Michael Bay (“Transformers” films, “Pain & Gain”) and written by Ehren Kruger (“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”).

The film opened in theaters on June 27, 2014.

While many people have and will continue to see films like this, and they are relatively entertaining, it doesn’t mean they’re good, let alone worthy of having been made in the first place. But seeing as that’s what’s being demanded, I see no shortage of bad action films, which pretty much look the same again and again, as the series continues, year after year.

I’m going to say this, just to allow you something to disagree with or roll your eyes at, whichever. Or, maybe, you feel like agreeing. Whatever floats your boat.

The best part of this film, is that there are less transformers occupying this film and blending as one massive mess, especially during the action sequences. This explains why I never bothered, even now, learning the names of the fighting robots. That being said, these scenes and the transformers were still dull as the action sequences are just long and drawn out. They do nothing really, except allow this film to be classified as an action film, and, because of the need for overcomplicated and drawn out scenes, the film just gets longer and longer, and actually, which is sad, feels like the annoyingly long film that it is.

For me, the worst, WORST part of this film, other than the tiresome action scenes, which involves a lot of boring explosions and destruction of buildings in various cities, was the fact that once again, Metatron was trying too wipe out humans, and transformers. BORING! I never watched the animated show or shows, or played with them as a kid, so I have no clue if there are any other villains in the series, but if there are, COULD WE PLEASE START USING THEM?!?! This constant use of Metatron is now, officially uninteresting. I can’t say if I cared at all before, but now I’m just worn out from his presence. Move on already!

From a character standpoint, there’s no one worth getting excited about. Tucci is annoying in this film. He’s supposed to be some kind of villain or main bad guy, whatever, but he really is just stupid and irritating. I usually like the work he does, but not here. I blame the fact that his character was meant to be some kind of goofball, all the while being a greedy man. Throw in the fact that there was supposed to be a lot of comedy surrounding his character, mainly through his clumsiness, and it only makes him look even more like an idiot. How he functions as a bad guy, I do not know. I couldn’t believe he was in this film, running around and serving no purpose, but too add another character you don’t care for. Ugh. What a waste.

I’ll add too, that the rest of the characters were bland as well. Grammer was your stereotypical bad guy, and thus wasn’t interesting in the slightest. Just angry, mean, bad, and always plotting.

The Yaeger family, couldn’t move me at all. I saw what Kruger was trying to do with this script, develop a family dynamic, that was dramatic, quirky, and squeeze in comedy, but it didn’t actually work. It was cute at first, but after the film came back and forth between this family stuff and action, I stopped caring. It was a badly executed way at developing the characters. Seriously, the more I think about it, “The Island” is looking better and better by the moment, or by the release of “Transformers” movie every other year.

The attempts at comedy were a bit too much, just in case I hadn’t made that clear. EVERYONE, was tiresome and unfunny. I did chuckle a few times, but that was more surprising as later I found myself hating that I had. Ultimately, too many of the jokes, or attempted ones, fell flat and were a bit repetitive. Talk about hitting the nail on the head too squarely. Some films just can’t balance action and comedy that well. The last, to me, successful one, was “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”.

Then there’s the whole dinosaur thing… yeah, that was crap. Everyone was so excited for these dinosaurs, myself included, a little bit, and it turns out, they were basically not in it! Stupid trailers and TV spots! They looked sort of cool, but by that point, I’m tired and there’s still something like 10 minutes left of a movie that’s way, way too long! I can’t fully say that if they’d appeared much sooner in the film, that the film itself would’ve been improved, but it would’ve made the dinobots inclusion worth the excitement.

Studios know when they can make some easy money, and that’s what they do. Sadly, they don’t hire people that should be able to create actual stories worth following, so they can distribute and rake in all the money that comes along. I may still see Summer blockbusters, even though I don’t expect much from them, but never before have I grown completely tired of a film series. I’m pretty much ignoring all films in this franchise. I wonder when I’ll stop seeing those films from Marvel? Could be soon.


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