Pilot: “Bad Judge”

IMG_0320.JPGComedy. It’s difficult to pull off. The majority of the writers who write comedy, or at least try too, never seem to be all that creative, or funny.

The new National Broadcasting Company (NBC) series “Bad Judge”, is no exception. The only thing it’s done successfully, is make me wonder why I even wasted my time watching this pilot.

This comedy series stars Kate Walsh (“Fargo (TV series)”, “Just Before I Go”), Tone Bell (“Imprinted”, “Whitney”), John Ducey (“Dads”, “See Dad Run”), Theodore Barnes (“Back in the Game”), Ryan Hansen (“Play It Again, Dick”, “Bad Teacher”) and Miguel Sandoval (“Dallas (2012 TV series)”, “Oculus”).

The series was created by Adam McKay (“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”, “The Other Guys”).

The series debuted on Oct. 2, 2014 on NBC.


I was going to write something interesting, or just something, but now I’m not. I’m too tired from thinking about the fact that I sat for the entirety of this incredibly stupid show. There, I said it. It’s stupid. Beyond stupid actually. And, it wasn’t even funny. I didn’t chuckle or crack a smile.

The only thing, okay, two things, I want to say about Walsh in this role is, it’s sad she’s playing this part and her character isn’t interesting, at all. I’m sad she’s in this because she’s actually an interesting actress and capable of so much more. Her character is supposed too be some kind of anti-heroine, but she’s more of an annoying woman and horrible person. Granted that’s the point, but it’s simply irritating. There’s not even the slightest bit of a redeeming quality in her.

The next thing I want to know, is how is she respected. Sure the idea is she’s a great judge, but her personal life is a hot mess, but every aspect of this character is a mess. She’s openly rude, disgusting and is someone who doesn’t deserve the title of judge. When she gave that speech at the end of the episode, I didn’t buy it for one second. That’s my next biggest issue. There’s not an ounce of believability to this entire world. She only manages to look slightly professional in her robe, but even that’s a stretch.

Adding too all the woes listed, is the fact that everyone in this premier episode was useless and irritating, not to mention unfunny. Again, I did not laugh once. I heard brain cells popping in my head. Wait… there went another.

I may have been going into this episode expecting it too be bad, but I had no idea it would be this bad. And no, it didn’t cloud my judgement. I could’ve gone without seeing the trailer and still felt like this was garbage. How it got picked up is beyond me. But, the ratings are in, and I’m not expecting it to last long. Thankfully I won’t be wasting any more time watching this as it sinks lower and lower until it finally becomes no more. Please, God, make that be sooner, rather than later. Please. I’m begging.


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