Another First Glance: “Interstellar”

At long last a fuller and more detailed trailer for one of the most anticipated films of the Fall has arrived! It debuted sometime yesterday and it is incredible!

The upcoming Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures film “Interstellar”, hasn’t let up on the gigantic scope of this space film that will no doubt leave audiences in awe and wonder.

This science fiction film stars Matthew McConaughey (“Dallas Buyers Club”, “True Detective”), Anne Hathaway (“Les Miserables”, “The Dark Knight Rises”), Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”, “The Help”), and Michael Caine (“Now You See Me”, “The Dark Knight Rises”) among so many more.

This film is directed by Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight Trilogy”, “Inception”) and written by Jonathan Nolan (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Dark Knight”) and Nolan (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Inception”).

The film is expected to hit theaters on Nov. 7, 2014.

While I’m surprised it took a total of four trailers to lay out what this film will be about, it was well worth it. Definitely saving the best for last. With this final trailer released I can say that I’m fully on board, even if the run time is listed as 2hrs. and 49 minutes.

It’s one thing to read the synopsis, which I did, and another to watch the trailer(s) tell you about what this film is about. The feeling that you’re watching two separate films or seeing two different stories could very well be present.

Anyway, this trailer has a lot worth getting really excited for! Finally there’s more footage of Hathaway’s character and the general space journey. All of that looks really cool. There’s also the one main trouble they run into, that was shown in the trailer, it looks like there could be some great moments of tension and suspense.

However, I’m really curious as to how Nolan and his editor plans on going between these two instances? How will we get time on Earth and in space? Also, how many people on this dying Earth actually exist still? The trailer really only showed Chastain and one other person. Is there anyone else? Or is it all just corn?

I definitely feel like the scope will be huge and very dramatic! I hadn’t really had any doubt, as this is a film directed by Nolan, but he could surprise us with something more subtle. Thankfully not yet.


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