Recently: “The Inkeepers”

IMG_0346.JPGA ghost story is only effective when in the proper hands. If the director or writer is just someone looking for a few cheap scares you’re bound to be disappointed. Under the proper supervision, a ghost story can be just as terrifying as any older, considered classic, film. Continue reading


On Second Thought: “Walk the Line”

IMG_0335.JPGThe biographical film is one film genre that never seems to disappoint. These films are full of drama, both known and unknown to fans of the person the film’s about. The idea that we can finally see what someone was really like in private is reason enough to see this type of film. Continue reading

TV Movie: “Big Driver”

IMG_1613-0.JPGEvery now and then I come across a TV movie that flat out surprises me. Most of the time, it’s with the level of quality with which this film has. Sometimes the film isn’t as bad as I think it looks based on television teasers. It’s even better. Then, there are the times it’s just flat out bad, and in those cases, usually more so than what you’re expecting all together. Continue reading

Catching Up: “Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth”

The third time is not always the charm. When it comes to the horror film series the idea of a successful third outing is just that, an idea. Rarely does a second sequel deliver on much, other than making you wonder why you wasted any amount of time on it. The rest of the series should be an interesting experience. Continue reading