At First Glance: “Big Eyes”

The biographical film has been an important genre in film for some time, but it’s not just the subject of the film that’s important. It’s the manner in which the film itself is made. Everything from costume design to who’s in the film, will either make or break any given biographical film.

With The Weinstein Company’s upcoming film “Big Eyes”, audiences are certainly going to get a treat. The unique way this film’s story is told, which is expected from the director, will be vastly different from that of what he usually does. And that’s a good thing.

This biographical drama stars Amy Adams (“Lullaby”, “American Hustle”), Christoph Waltz (upcoming “Horrible Bosses 2”, “The Zero Theorem”), Krystin Ritter (“Veronica Mars”, “Listen Up Philip”), Jason Schwartzman (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Listen Up Philip”), Danny Huston (“Masters of Sex”, “American Horror Story”), and Terence Stamp (“The Art of the Steal”, “Unfinished Song”).

The film is directed by Tim Burton (“Frankenweenie”, “Dark Shadows”), and written by Scott Alexander (“Man on the Moon”, “That Darn Cat (1997)”) and Larry Karaszewski (“1408”, “Agent Cody Banks”).

The film is expected to be released on Dec. 25, 2014.

First and foremost, I’m actually really excited for this film! Not simply, or only, because of the cast, but by the director. Now, I know that probably sounds strange, but I’m not a fan of Burton’s, at all. Of all his films, and the few I’ve managed to see, I only like one film, two at most. From 15 years ago, “Sleepy Hollow” still seems to be the only one that interests me, but that may have more to do with the source material than anything. Anyway, it’s surprising to me, and I’m just fascinated by what he’s directed and been able to be a part of with this upcoming film.

Now, as I pointed out, the cast is incredible! Whether or not you like everything they’ve done, there’s no denying that they’ve done some amazing work in many films.

Adams, who plays, Margaret Keane, has always been an interesting actress to me, even if I haven’t seen the first major film, which really brought her to the public’s attention. However, since then, the last nine years, she’s managed to be in some of the biggest films made. Many are compelling dramas with complicated characters, which makes them all the more fun to watch. I’ve seldom been disappointed with the work she’s done, but then again, I’ve probably skipped the work of hers that’s less exciting. Regardless, this film has so much potential with her in the lead role.

For Waltz, who plays Keane’s husband, Walter Keane, I’ve pretty much only seen the few most recent things he’s done, but that was enough. From those few performances I know that he can create and become such interesting people, as well as make me be intrigued the whole time. His presence is just captivating in some way, and in this film, the same is still the same.

As for the rest of the cast, catching their work has been a bit spottier. The upside, is that the stuff I have seen, or heard about, has been good. As supporting actors in a film, that already boasts a lot of incredible things, their collective presence is only going to make this film all the more fun and well made.

The biggest thing that I like about this film, is the color. Strange, yes. I see as the way that Burton’s allowed to really show some creativity with this film, whether or not he recommended this creative approach. As this is a film that takes place in the 1950s and 1960s, it really shows the style and feel of that time, as well as illuminating a certain type of and colorful world. I’m not simply, and easily, transported to that time, but to a world that will be inhabited by these characters and helmed by Burton.

Interestingly enough, is the entire story. At first she seems to be okay going along with this idea that her husband has, but later has a problem. My first thought was about how she went along with it. It made no sense, but then again, it’s the time period you must remember. Fortunately, as history shows, she took a pretty strong stand for her beliefs, and most importantly, her unique work. Through out all this, as the trailer shows, there’s a lot of love and happiness she has in her life, but also, an incredible amount of drama. All this really makes for one compelling, and hopefully, captivating story.

While I’m not usually one to get excited for a Burton film, this doesn’t scream Burton. Fortunately, it’s not just that feeling that has me optimistic. The writers, Alexander and Karaszewski, who worked previously with Burton on “Ed Wood”, are also a major factor for why I’ll see this film, at some point, and expect good things from it. I may even decide to watch “Ed Wood”

You heard it here first! I’m excited for a Burton film! That fact alone should also have many people excited, although I’m actually unsure of how many people don’t like his work. Still, if I can be moved towards a Burton film, there may still be hope for me liking something he does. Fortunately, though, he’s not the sole good thing that will be contributing to this film! If he were… well, we wouldn’t be here, now would we?


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