Pilot: “Z Nation”

Some networks are known for only one type of program. When you go and watch something new on it, you can’t be all that surprised by what you get.

With tonights series premier of SyFy’s newest original series “Z Nation”, zombie enthusiasts were treated to the exact type of program they were looking for.

This action sci-fi series stars Tom Everett Scott (“Beauty and the Beast (TV series 2012)”, “Southland”), DJ Qualls (“Legit”, “Perception”), Michael Welch (“Boys of Abu Ghraib”, “Grimm”), Kellita Smith (“The Love Section”, “The First Family”), Anastasia Baranova (“Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend”,”Sons of Anarchy”), Russell Hodgkinson (“B.F.E.”, “21 & Over”), and Keith Allen (“Zombie Night”, “Social Nightmare”).

The series was created by Karl Schaefer (“Ghost Whisperer”, “Eureka”) and Craig Engler (“Rage of the Yeti”, “Zombie Apocalypse”).

The series premiered on Sept. 12, 2014 on the Syfy Channel.

The zombie… anything is oddly fun, even if it’s somehow poorly conceived and executed. Such is the case with this new series brought to us by SyFy, you know, the people who okayed both “Sharknado” films.

This series, I’ll admit is basically the poor mans “The Walking Dead”, but that’s okay. It’s not a spoof series, which is okay too, but could’ve been lots of fun.

There were some slight scares, that only a SyFy series could give, but the creativity that was brought makes this show appear that it could work. The world is already being well defined, which will help greatly distance it from that other zombie series. And yes, while I’m on it, this show will forever be compared to it, which will only get annoying. Much like this, mildly enjoyable first episode, I have a feeling that this show will only manage to garner a few scares, but way more humorous moments, most will be unintentional.

I feel, that even though some people will watch this show, it’s still going to suffer because there’s a better one already out there. But, on the flip side, it will definitely give zombie lovers something to watch until “The Walking Dead” returns in a month. Also, the other positive side for this will be that, if handled well, the show could carve out some pretty decent dramatic moments and develop the characters in a way that gets viewers to care.

The next big thing, which I don’t think will be hard to accomplish, is the kills. With zombies comes blood and gore. Who doesn’t love that?! Plus, as this show goes on a long trip across the country, the chance for additional types of zombies, is all the more increased. I can’t wait!

Could this show be a somewhat painful show to watch? Yes. But, it’s Syfy, and part of the draw is that it’s a genre show, on a network that’s well known for silly programming, specifically movies. But still, I think enough people will come out and watch this show, regardless of how long it will in fact last. It could ultimately only be a fun 12 or 13 weeks and that’s it. I’ll take 12 or 13 weeks over nothing!



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