Pilot: “Selfie”

A comedy series is only as good as it’s writing. Casting? Comedy? It’s gotta be something, right?

This may be true about many films and shows that heavily rely on comedy, as they’re called “comedy”, for a reason, but some just don’t come close. The sad reality for the upcoming new ABC “comedy”, “Selfie”, is that it’s none of these things. They can’t all be winners.

This not so funny “comedy” series stars Karen Gillan (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Doctor Who”) and John Cho (“Sleepy Hollow”, “Star Trek Into Darkness”).

The series was created by Emily Kapnek (“Suburgatory”, “Parks and Recreation”), and is supposed to be a loose adaptation of “My Fair Lady”.

Hitting the social media, anti-personal relationships nail a little too squarely on the head. It’s not funny. First eight minutes were nauseating.

I can’t even begin how to explain the irritating visuals used to demonstrate, what we already know, based solely on the title, she’s obsessed with social media. Too much of that imagery, where the show’s trying to be creative, but it’s too much. To see what I mean, yes, you’d have to suffer through this

The entire structure is more irritating than what “How I Met Your Mother” ended up using towards the end of its run.

Lead character too irritating. Every ounce. I see no enjoyment with this character. The commentary on her narcissism isn’t even clever, or satirical; simply annoying.

And don’t get me started on the obnoxious narration. Ugh. Worst use of narration… ever.

Seriously, this pilot should’ve just been something the comedy website Funny or Die produces. That would’ve been funny… maybe.

John Cho, you really need to fire your agent, manager… whomever it is that passes you these scripts.

There’s no comedy in this. Nothing funny. Just bad writing. How and/or why did ABC pick this up? Who said this was good? They should be fired.

One instance of obnoxious clichéd storytelling, the lead thought her phone was off, when it really wasn’t. I don’t buy if, and not just because it’s terribly unoriginal, but she’s an in the know, tech heavy person. She should know. Or is it just social media she has down? Still don’t buy it.

I usually wait to write any of this, as I figure it’s only fair, but with this, I knew I needed to begin sooner. Why? I’d have too many thoughts and was afraid I’d forget what they were. This must be what having Twitter’s good for.

That actually explains more why the thoughts I have are almost in bullet form, like a list. I couldn’t stop myself from writing down the first thought I had.

For better or worse, mostly worse, I’ve watched this now, regrettably, and I don’t plan on seeing more. The only thing I’m counting on this show achieving, is cancellation. Will it be quick? Don’t know, but it will happen? Who wants to place bets?!

I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I’m giving you the trailer to prepare you even more. View it, and/or the pilot at your own risk.


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