At First Glance: “Two Night Stand”

When it comes to the romanic comedy, there are only a few options for how it will go. Either it will succeed and be genuinely funny and romantic, fail because it couldn’t get past typical tropes in the genre, those we’ve seen from classic rom-coms, or fail because it couldn’t provide anything new, along with relying on what’s already been done.

The upcoming Entertainment One film “Two Night Stand”, is forging its own path ahead and offering up something clever.

This romantic comedy stars Miles Teller (“Divergent”, “That Awkward Moment”), Analeigh Tipton (“Lucy”, “Warm Bodies”), Jessica Szohr (“The Internship”,”Gossip Girl”), and Scott Mescudi (“Need for Speed”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”).

The film is directed by Max Nichols and written by Mark Hammer (Skins”).

The film is set to hit theaters Sept. 26.

I’m pretty much a sucker for a romantic comedy, however, since the early 2000s I find that many are bland. The last one I truly enjoyed was “Crazy Stupid Love.”, and that’s saying something. This one just strikes me as being intelligent and genuinely funny, or at least it has the potential.

Instead of adhering to a formula this film strives for simple. For me, that seems to be part of the draw. The trailer also shows a lot of charm, chemistry, and wit from the characters.

What’s also appealing is that this film is heavily rooted in how a lot of today’s people operate. One need not admit it for it to be true. It elevates the film from just using a one night stand as a small point, for so much else, but makes the film revolve around it. The last remaining question is can this film manage to make the subject matter less raunchy than other films?

Having watched the trailer a few times, and having quite a fit of laughter, I’m confident in this movie. It’s actually got a lot of genuine human qualities. This is what will make this film worth watching.

A romantic comedy seems to be only as good as what new approaches are taken. many don’t take advantage of this, in favor of the typical, as it’s worked, but then get bogged down. As intelligent, funny and different romantic comedies are hard to come by, this one should be met with some excitement!


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