At First Glance: “You’re Not You”

Som films that carry very heavy and serious subject matter can easily be weighed down by just that. Others, ones that end up being really good, can move beyond the serious. Allowing audiences to get more than just the dramatic moments from the subject matter and find something to cling to long after the film has ended. Continue reading


TV Movie: “Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows”

The great thing, that seems to be rediscovered time and again, is that television has been home to some of the greatest programming produced in recent years. If it’s not a series, it’s usually through a movie of some sort. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Rosewater”

Biographical films can go in a few different directions for any viewer. They’ll either work and be compelling and worth the watch, and usually, the sadness, or they can flat out fail. Fail from boredom, or simply an uninteresting story, even if you don’t think the subject should or would be so. Continue reading

Another First Glance: “Foxcatcher”

To me it’s rare to see a new trailer seem to have less, due to time length, than the first one that came out several months ago. Maybe the film companies are still trying to get people really intrigued, although I doubt it, as the way this trailer is cut pretty much sums up everything you need to know, like the original one. Continue reading

Recently: “Godzilla (2014)”

When a studio is remaking a film, in general, the expectations are already very low that you’re hardly surprised when the film lets you down. But, once in a blue moon, more or less, a film is remade from a crap film, that itself was a remake of classic film series, and manages to do the impossible. Be good. Continue reading

At First Glance: “The One I Love”

If a film’s trailer is going to tout that it’s one particular type of film, it best deliver that. A trailer isn’t very long, and there’s not much time to convince me of anything, so what does one do when you feel let down? Continue reading