At First Glance: “Into the Woods”

When it comes to musical adaptations, the bar is set pretty high. Especially when there’s already speculation on what is or isn’t going to be in the film version.

The first teaser trailer (the above is an AU released one) for Walt Disney Pictures upcoming film “Into the Woods” hit the web today and it gives a lot of details worth getting excited about.

This musical film stars Meryl Streep (upcoming films “The Giver”, “The Homesman”), Emily Blunt (“Edge of Tomorrow”, “The Wind Rises”), James Corden (“The Wrong Mans”, “One Chance”), Anna Kendrick (“Happy Christmas”, “Life After Beth”), Chris Pine (upcoming “Horrible Bosses 2”, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”), and Johnny Depp (upcoming films “Tusk”, “London Fields”).

This fantasy comedy is directed by Rob Marshall (“Chicago”, “Nine”) and is written by James Lapine with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (“Company”, “Follies”).

While this first trailer, of course, it’s a teaser, didn’t give us any of the songs, it still showed way more than expected.

With swells of score, which are bound to be present, audiences can at least be entertained with that. It’s definitely going to be enough to tide me over until the full length trailer gets released.

While there are only a few words spoken in the whole thing, it’s the characters and magical moments that make this teaser work.

For the longest time there was only the one picture of Streep as The Witch, but now we get to see her do even more than just be a publicity still. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone, if only for a moment, and other scenes. It tells me there’s so much to get excited about.

I feel this will be one huge film, and from what I’ve heard of the songs, I’m excited to hear those. Hopefully, for Streep, the vocals are better than that of “Mama Mia”. Kendrick I know is trained, but since I haven’t seen “Pitch Perfect”, yet, I can’t say if she’ll be good. Time will tell.

I may not get excited by a lot of Disney movies, but this is one I can definitely support. It certainly will be one magical ride!


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