At First Glance: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

After hearing about this film for the last few years, it’s time to get really excited! Way more than just seeing pictures and a cover on Entertainment Weekly.

The first trailer for the Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow upcoming film “Mad Max: Fury Road” hit the internet today, after debuting first at Comic-Con 2014. The trailer is picking up dusty pieces and making them look brand new!

This action thriller stars Tom Hardy (“Locke”, “The Dark Knight Rises”), Charlize Theron (“Prometheus”, “Young Adult”).Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Warm Bodies”), Zoe Kravitz (“Divergent”, “After Earth”), Riley Keough (“Kiss of the Damned”, “Yellow”), Hugh Keays-Byrne (“Sleeping Beauty”, “Farscape: The Peacekeepr Wars”), and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”).

The film is directed by George Miller (“Happy Feet 2”, “Happy Feet”) and written by Nick Lathouris, Brendan McCarthy (“ReBoot”), and Miller (“Happy Feet 2”, “Happy Feet”).

The film is expected on May 15, 2015.

The footage contained in this first trailer really packs a punch! Seeing the explosions, barren wastelands, and the vehicles really sets the tone for this film. While I can’t find any clear plot or possible story idea in this trailer, I’m okay with that. There’s so much going on!

Seeing Theron and Hardy as their respective characters, in action, really breathes life into a long forgotten film series. Normally I’d decry this film, but as the original film, and probably the sequels (I haven’t seen them yet), was really bad and now extremely dated, this is a welcome addition.

That, and apparently there’s a whole slew of recognizable names that round out the cast. It should be interesting to see how they all factor into the story. A lot of the additional cast I’ve heard of, and like for the most part, but this film just seems so different than what they’d usually do. That’s a good thing, so hopefully it pays off.

All I can hope for is that the script is actually good. With two writers, who don’t appear to have much experience, contributing to the film, I’m hesitant, a little. The main upside is that Miller is heavily involved, as he was in the original trilogy, so there’s some hope that with his guidance, this film will not get lost in the need for the studio to make a quick buck.

Even the tagline that plays during the trailer is pretty clever. Some film trailers strive for that, but usually fail miserably. You can see what was attempted, but ultimately only laugh at it.

After seeing this trailer, I can happily say that this is one film reboot/sequel I can get behind! I’m excited to see even more in the coming months!


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