At First Glance: “Miss Julie”

Yesterday may have come and gone, but it brought something worth getting extremely excited for! No, not just the line-up of films for an upcoming film festival, but the trailer of one of those films.

The first trailer, an “international” trailer, for “Miss Julie” finally arrived and gives filmgoers a look at what is bound to be a much talked about film.

This drama stars Jessica Chastain (“The Help”, Take Shelter”), Colin Farrell (“Winter’s Tale”, “Saving Mr. Banks”), and Samantha Morton (“The Harvest”, “The Messenger”).

The film is written and directed by Liv Ullmann (“Faithless”, “Sofie”) and is based on the play of the same name by August Strindberg.

The film has recently been announced as having its world premier at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September. The film, as of yet, has no release date, but will probably premier in late Fall.

The film’s premise is certainly provocative, dramatic and beyond enjoyable. The titular character, Miss Julie, wants her father’s valet to seduce her. This, given the time period, creates a whole lot of issues, which are what will no doubt help define this film.

The class distinctions, the ideas of sex at the time are what help to make this film so intriguing. Seeing how each of these characters deals with this and tame desires will sure be engrossing.

Just from this trailer alone, I see very interesting and imperfect people. Even from the way Chastain’s character appears, through most of the trailer, she looks incredibly disheveled. There could be more to it, but to me, it plays on this state of mind she seems to go through.

The story itself is enough to get me excited for this film, as will another trailer, which will no doubt come in the next month, but it’s purely the cast. Okay, more the films leading lady; the other two are perks, and enjoyable at that!

Chastain has continually done great work. Each character is so full of life, even if it’s sometimes sad, and complicated. While some films don’t flow in the way we want, fast, the films are still good, entertaining and well acted. I was surprised by “Take Shelter” and “The Tree of Life”. The character of Miss Julie looks so complicated and almost dysfunctional, that I’m sure Chastain will deliver a deep performance.

I’ve enjoyed both Farrell and Morton in the work I’ve seen, which is far more spotty than Chastain’s, that I’m sure these two will add just as much to make this film successful. From what I can gather, off of the trailer, these performances will no doubt be just as dramatic. The characters, through their desires will also cause a certain amount of problems. So much to get excited for with this film. Is it Fall yet?


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