At First Glance: “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them”

At long last!!! I’ve been hearing about this film for some time, especially in the last few months, as the film has been making noise of an interesting nature. I also have loved, more or less, the work of the two lead actors of this film, so the anticipation has been killing me.

The first trailer, it appears, was released on Friday, but better late than never.

The story revolves around a couple who is struggling to make their relationship work, like it did when they first met.

This film sees the feature film directorial debut of Ned Benson, who also wrote the screenplay. The film is slated for release by The Weinstein Company (TWC) on Sept. 26, 2014. It has already had screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF) on Sept. 9, 2013 and most recently at the Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 20014. This is part of what’s amped up my level of excitement!

This drama stars Jessica Chastain (“Lawless”, “Texas Killing Fields”), James McAvoy (“Filth”, “The Conspirator”), Viola Davis (“Ender’s Game”, “Eat Pray Love”), Bill Hader (“22 Jump Street”, “The Mindy Project”), Isabelle Huppert (“Dead Man Down”, “Amour”), and William Hurt (“The Host”, “Too Big to Fail”).

The obvious must be stated first. The cast. Even if it does include Hader, he could turn out to be quite interesting. I mean, look at the starring role Will Forte had in “Nebraska”. Hader does appear, somewhat, to be interesting. For the most part, we’ve seen Chastain, McAvoy and Davis each give such interesting and varied performances. Each actor can bring so much life to the characters they play and help make the films they’re in all the more interesting.

Of the films I’ve seen each of them in, I’ve rarely been disappointed by the overall work. What Hurt and Huppert bring is even more experience and you know that they’ll also deliver believable performances that also help the story itself. How can you not be excited by this cast?!

I alluded to it briefly at the beginning, but will state it plainly now. The headlines that this film has been making, of late, is that this film isn’t simply one, but three films. The original concept by Benson was to tell the same story but from the two perspectives of Chastain’s and McAvoy’s characters; titled “His” and “Hers”, instead of “Them” or simply as the trailer has it, “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby”.

Overall the two films would be over three hours, which TWC managed to get trimmed to a little over two. Each of these films will be released, and I’ve read different things about how you could watch all three, or just two, or only “Them” and still get an amazing experience. The idea, to me, is so exciting and inventive, that I’ll do my best to see all three.

From what this trailer showed, the chemistry is there. This chemistry is also what’s going to get people more interested in the film. For instance, right from the beginning of the trailer, I was hooked. The scenes and the tagline popping up between each helped sell me. Then, there were the scenes of their relationship growing, and my laughing along with them as they enjoyed the happiness they had found. I’ve watched the trailer now three times, and still laugh, pretty heartily too, at the scene where they are running on the sidewalk after leaving the restaurant. For a film like this, if I can already be laughing at what’s been created, there’s a strong chance I’ll love seeing it in the completed film. Chastain and McAvoy just light up the screen, which is probably what will make the fracturing of the relationship, all the more sad.

While there’s more funny, happier interactions, than the dramatic ones, at least we know there’s issues they want to get past. While it would be more enjoyable to see just the happy times, the sadder, more difficult ones, must be present or the level of believability and chemistry won’t really matter. The film loses a bit of realness. September can’t get here fast enough.


One thought on “At First Glance: “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them”

  1. I’m very excited for this film also! Though I’m trying to determine if I’m going to catch the “Them” version, or wait to watch the “Him” and “Her” films being released a little later.


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