A Second Opinion: Part I

With today being the first day of upfronts, the week the networks bring out their schedules and shows for the upcoming Fall season, for advertisers, along with it came a handful of trailers!

NBC was one of two, of the broadcast networks, to present both.

This is an exciting time for viewers, like myself, for two reasons. First, as is evidence from Instagram feeds of NBC and its series’ stars, that they were all there to represent their respective shows; both new and old alike! If you weren’t following them before, now you can. For the new shows, this now gives you the chance to catch as much behind the scenes material; staying constantly in the know. Secondly, this gives the audience the time to plan accordingly. Yes, this is months in advance, but attacking the schedules meticulously will guarantee you can catch as many shows as you wish. That could also give you time to binge watch on some show that was missed during this past season.

Alright, time to tackle the few shows that had trailers released recently. For me, it took two viewings of each trailer to form a final thought or alter it. Call it, a second opinion.

This isn’t going to serve as a summary of what the new show or its trailer is about, but more on whether they have any kind of potential or will inevitably be cancelled. I can only assume those curious will watch and discover for themselves. Always a fun game.

NBC released, ahead of its official press appearance, trailers for: “A to Z”, “Bad Judge”, “Constantine”, “Mary Me”, “The Mysteries of Laura”, and “State of Affairs”.

“A to Z”: This half-hour comedy stars Cristin Milioti, recently seen on “How I Met Your Mother” as Tracy aka “The Mother” and, in a way, that says so much. Or, at least gives one a lot of hope. From a comedic stand point, this could work. While Milioti wasn’t actually given much screen time, in the entire season she was featured, she managed to deliver the majority of funny lines and instances that shows she knows how to make someone laugh. If it hadn’t been for her, would that season have been worth watching? The question is, does anyone really want to watch a show where we chart, deliberately this time, one couples relationship? Ups and downs, good times and bad, all in a manner that’s very much like “HIMYM”? Maybe. That decision will ultimately be made on what types of situations these characters find themselves in.

“Bad Judge”: This new comedy, airing on Thursday’s will star Kate Walsh, most notably of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”. That should make someone excited for this new show, and I was, for all of a moment. Then came the trailer. I cried. A little part of me died. Do I expect anything great from this show? Not at all. If the recent cancellation of “Bad Teacher”, which anyone with half a brain could’ve seen, there isn’t much hope for another show about a messed up woman such as Walsh’s character and the one from “Bad Teacher”. Could it last a few episodes? Yeah, but people will probably grow tired of its stupidness and abandon it. Hello cancellation!

“Constantine”: Another comic book adaptation, which also happens to be a feature film, stars Matt Ryan.. *Crickets* … who recently starred in the short lived spin-off “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior”, “Constantine” will be aired on Friday’s alongside “Grimm”, so there’s potential there. But, like most shows that air on Friday, it could just be digging the grave for which it will be buried later on. Since it is a supernatural show there could be a lot of interesting stories. Is Constantine a likable character? Not sure. Hopefully he grows on viewers enough, or that itself could be what brings it down. A few viewings may be worth it, if not more.

“Marry Me”: Another new comedy for Tuesday nights, stars Ken Marino recently in an episode of “Trophy Wife”, “Bad Teacher” and “Veronica Mars”. Sorry to say, and this could just be because of the trailer, the show looks tiresome. Forget realistic, but just annoying. A few laughs may be had, every now and then, but overall these characters could just drive you crazy. First impressions are everything. Maybe episode two will provide a bit more hopefulness on whether it’s worth being a long running series, or one at all.

“The Mysteries of Laura”: Starring Debra Messing of “Smash” and “Will & Grace”, comes a dramedy that seems to be trying to cram too much into one show. Detective, mother, and along with that, comedy, from the personalities on the show, as well as drama. Is any of this bad? Not at all. But when trying to make it funny, quirky and relatable, that could be the issue. There are glimpses of how this woman’s world overlaps, and how sometimes it is humorous, but that could grow old if not done well. Not everyone can be like Richard Castle. If at all, watching this because of Messing can’t hurt. You may come out loving the quirky aspects!

“State of Affairs”: Katherine Heigl from “Grey’s Anatomy” and all those romantic comedies you love or love to hate or secretly love. The show itself appears to be a political thriller and that makes it intriguing. This factor alone, makes me want to see if there’s potential in this show. A potential problem to note, is that this show will automatically be compared for being similar to “Homeland”. Guess we’ll have to wait.

The summer may be a few months long, but that is long enough to get excited for and catch glimpses of the remaining new shows from NBC. Behind the scenes footage and interviews will no doubt follow too.

There was also a lot of extra news coming out, like what will be NBC’s live production for next year. However, that’s not this post. Another day, perhaps.


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